Dec 172017
An excellent shareware music composer for the Adlib music card.
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An excellent shareware music composer for the Adlib music card.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

How about that. I've always wondered what it would be like to write one
of these readme files. Now I'm doing it.

At any rate, I wanted to simply state that I'm including some sample text
files that should all be immediately compilable by AdMuse. The extension
.MUS is used but it is not critical to the operation of AdMuse. Use whatever
extension you chose. This was just a leftover from some originals that have
been upgraded from the original three voice limitation. Sorry if it steps on
someone else's use, but them's the breaks.

There is no reference to these songs in the documentation as there is no
correlation between documatation and any real songs that have been entered.
Just use the samples for guidelines.

The documentation has presumably been formatted. The word processor I used is
probably unknown to most of you and is know to have a few bugs, not the least of
which is that when I generated the final output for this distribution, it didn't
place either form feeds or line feeds at the end of each page. I've inserted
the form feeds where they should be so I hope this comes out all right.

If you find any bugs, please try get to me a copy of the exact file you are
using. This would help me to find errors more easily.

Bob Calbridge

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