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MIDI sequencer Cakewalk V4.0 release information.
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MIDI sequencer Cakewalk V4.0 release information.
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We're excited to announce the new 4.0 releases of Cakewalk, Cakewalk
Professional, and Cakewalk LIVE!.

Many new features have been added in response to your comments and suggestions.
But just as importantly, we completely redesigned the playback "engine" to make
it more efficient and able to transcend the MPU-401 architecture. This lets
you use a wider variety of MIDI interfaces.

Better yet, even if you stick with an MPU-401, 4.0 provides features
unavailable with the MPU-401 "smart" mode. These include fractional tempos,
enhanced real-time controls, a programmable MIDI metronome, MIDI Thru with Auto
mapping, and timing resolution in Professional of up to 480 PPQ.

The new MIDI Thru feature turns inexpensive MIDI keyboards into powerful
controllers, adding value to your existing equipment. Cakewalk can redirect
your keyboard to any selected MIDI channel. And with the Auto mapping option,
the routing follows the channel, port, and key- and velocity-offset of the
track you put the cursor on. Quickly audition several voices, programs, or
MIDI modules by sliding the cursor down through Cakewalk's Track View display.

CAKEWALK PROFESSIONAL 4.0 includes all the enhancements of regular Cakewalk 4.0
plus some powerful extras. While both Cakewalk and Cakewalk Professional now
support more MIDI interfaces, Cakewalk Professional can support more than one
interface board at the same time. For example, you don't have to sell your
MPU-401 when you upgrade to the power of an MQX-32: you can keep it and use
both cards at once!

Other enhancements for Cakewalk Professional include increased resolution up to
480 PPQ, support for more SMPTE/MTC formats, and a built-in Fit-to-time command
that alters a region's length using fractional tempo changes.

And finally, Cakewalk LIVE! 4.0 (the companion program that lets you create
MIDI playlists of up to 128 songs) now loads and plays Standard MIDI Files.
So, it can work with any software that writes Standard MIDI File formats.

===( Cakewalk 4.0 -- New Features )===================================

* Fractional Tempos. For the ultimate in precision, use tempos like 100.5 or
even 100.01 beats per minute to get the exact feel or duration you desire.

* MIDI Thru with Auto-Mapping. Redirect MIDI input to any MIDI channel, either
manually or using the intuitive "follow track parameters" automatic option.
The Thru feature even uses the pitchand velocity-transposition track

* More Realtime Control. These Track View parameters now can be changed during
playback: "Offset" (shift later and earlier in time), "Pat" (patch), and "Pt"

* MIDI Metronome. Use any MIDI note event -- like the closed hi-hat on a drum
machine -- for the metronome tick, so it's right in the mix where you can hear

* Paste with Replace. A new "Replace" option for the "Edit/Paste" command
makes Cakewalk's multi-track editing capabilities even more flexible.

* DOS Shell. The "DOS/Shell" command can now swap out all of Cakewalk except
for 8K -- letting you run big programs. (Requires hard drive or RAM drive with
300K- 640K available.)

* Configuration. A new 12TONE.INI configuration file lets you easily tailor
many preferences. Plus, save your favorite settings in a $DEFAULT.WRK
workfile, and it will be loaded automatically when the program starts and when
you pick "File/New".

* Mouse. Many small but handy mouse support improvements, including buttons
for the mouse in "Settings/Tempo", drag-changing numbers by intervals of 10,
and more.

* Event View. Now when changing an event's time, you follow the event around.
Plus a way to prevent accidentally rewinding when editing near the end of the

* Track Solo. Now works in all four Views.

* More MIDI File Support. The "File/Merge" and "File/Extract" commands now
work with MIDI Files. (So does the new version of our separate Cakewalk LIVE!

===( Cakewalk Professional 4.0 -- New Features )======================

Includes all the new features of Cakewalk 4.0, plus:

* Multiple Output Ports. Not only can Cakewalk Professional work with multiple
ports on the same card, our new drivers allow you to use ports across several
cards at once. (Combinations limited to supplied drivers.)

* Variable Timebases. Now select 240, 384, and even 480
pulses-per-quarter-note to capture every nuance.

* All SMPTE Formats. Support for 24- and 25-frame SMPTE/MTC; 30-frame drop and
non-drop were already supported. (Requires compatible SMPTE hardware device.)

* Fit-to-Time. Film scoring is even easier with a built- in Fit-to-Time
command that uses new fractional tempos for highest precision in changing a
region's length to fit a specified time.

* Makes the MPU-401 MTC-Compatible. Now you can use your MPU-401 to read MTC
directly (supplied by an external device).

* Tick Interpolation for SMPTE Sync. Provides full PPQ resolution during SMPTE

* SMPTE "Midnight Roll-over". Now work with tapes striped starting at
23:59:59:0 or later and rolling over to 00:00:00:00. Also, SMPTE time is
displayed during chase lock-up.

* CAL. Now "Undo" works with CAL programs. New boolean operators for logical
AND and OR. And the ability to configure CAL to handle more-complex

===( Note: FSK no longer supported )=================================

Because 4.0 no longer uses the MPU-401's "smart" mode, we were able to add many
new capabilities (like fractional tempos, 480 PPQ, and more). However, 4.0
cannot access MPU-401 FSK sync. If you are still using FSK, please be aware of
this limitation before ordering an upgrade. Rest assured that superior sync
methods do still work in 4.0 (for example, MQX Chase Lock Sync and other forms
of "smart FSK" that feed Cakewalk MIDI Sync data).

===( How To Order Your Upgrade )=====================================

If you purchased any Cakewalk 3.0 product after September 1, 1990, you can
upgrade to the 4.0 version of the same product for only the $5.00
shipping/handling charge -- to qualify, you must include a copy of your dated
sales receipt. Otherwise, the usual nominal upgrade price applies.

Send us complete shipping information and payment. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR
ORIGINAL PROGRAM DISK -- you can cut it to fit a normal envelope but we do need
it in some form. We'll try to fill orders as fast as we can, but please allow
4-6 weeks for delivery. ADD $5 S/H U.S., $10 INTERNATIONAL.

Twelve Tone Systems, Inc.
Upgrade Order Fulfillment
P.O. Box 760
Watertown, MA 02272-0760

General: 617-273-4437 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. EST
Tech Support: 617-273-4668 1 P.M. - 6 P.M. EST
Orders: 800-234-1171 10 A.M. - 6 P.M. EST


[ ] Complete shipping information
[ ] Original program disk
[ ] Payment -- add $5 s/h ($10 International)

===( Product Pricing Information )===================================

*** Software ***
Cakewalk 4.0..................$150.00
Cakewalk Professional 4.0.....$249.00
Cakewalk LIVE! 4.0............$ 49.00
Romeo Music Cakewalk Series...$ 29.95

*** Upgrades/Trade-Ups ***
Cakewalk 1.1/2.0 to 4.0......................$ 54.00
Cakewalk 3.0 to 4.0..........................$ 29.00
Cakewalk (any vers.) to Professional 4.0.....$125.00
with MQX-16s, 1 port/SMPTE..................$299.00
with MQX-32m, 2 port/SMPTE..................$399.00
Professional 2.0/2.1 to Professional 4.0.....$ 64.00
Professional 3.0 to Professional 4.0.........$ 39.00
LIVE! (any version) to LIVE! 4.0.............$ 10.00

(Prices/availability subject to change without notice.)

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