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Soundblaster Freedom project release 3. Source code for sound blaster programming.
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Soundblaster Freedom project release 3. Source code for sound blaster programming.
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DACDIR.C 1311 615 deflated
DACDIR.EXE 16808 9840 deflated
DACDIR.TXT 1354 710 deflated
DACDMA.C 2541 1096 deflated
DACDMA.EXE 20910 12477 deflated
DMA.TXT 3391 1311 deflated
DMA_CODE.ASM 15748 3610 deflated
DRIVER.C 3327 1087 deflated
DRIVER.EXE 12854 7925 deflated
ENVIRON.C 1224 524 deflated
FMPROG.TXT 21902 6474 deflated
FMTEST.C 961 399 deflated
FMTEST.EXE 12212 7249 deflated
GETOPT.C 4214 1764 deflated
GETVOL.C 1242 338 deflated
GETVOL.EXE 8522 5157 deflated
MAKEFILE 996 364 deflated
README.NEW 648 410 deflated
README.TXT 2013 954 deflated
RECDMA.C 2453 1078 deflated
RECDMA.EXE 19726 11842 deflated
SB.H 4654 1469 deflated
SBDAC.C 2909 1065 deflated
SBF.LIB 8192 3440 deflated
SBFM.C 3571 974 deflated
SBMIDI.C 298 185 deflated
SBP_CHK.ASM 1276 597 deflated
VOC_FMT 2849 1001 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Announcing the


The aim of the Soundblaster Freedom Project is to provide a cheap
source of programming information for the Soundblaster and other
sound cards. Previously, programming a sound card has required a
not inconsiderable investment in a developer's kit for each sound
card. These developer's kits have been known to be terse and not
well written. Our aim is to provide enough information to the
general programmer to allow them to add sound card support to their
software at minimal cost.

Currently I am collecting information on the Soundblaster and the
Soundblaster Pro. Anybody who can supply sample code or hardware
programming information is welcome to send mail to

[email protected]

Any other suggestions or comments can also be sent to the above address.
Please bear in mind that I am also pretty busy with a research project
at the moment and may not be able to respond to your mail straight away.
As time permits I will try to respond. Also please note that due to
local developments, the SBF files are not available from
wench.ece.jcu.edu.au or paladine.ece.jcu.edu.au as has been noted in
previous versions of SBF. The only place to find the archive for the
moment is on oak.oakland.edu in the Simtel-20 archive.

The SBF archive is availabe for anonymous FTP. It can be found on

Machine: oak.oakland.edu
Directory: /pub/msdos/sound/sbf3.zip

There has been much interest expressed in the project, both from
programmers and people with hardware information. Please help to
contribute and make this project work.

Specific thanks to

[email protected] (for fmprog.txt)
Heath Hunnicutt (for dma_code.asm)
Chris Box
Josh Cohen (for dma.txt)

for their contributions and suggestions.

Jeff Bird
25 Jan 1994

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