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StdMIDI - Romanian Dance #1 - Bela bartok.
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StdMIDI – Romanian Dance #1 – Bela bartok.
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Roumanian Dance #1 -Bela Bartok

Sequenced using Sequencer Plus Gold June, 1992, by Bob Pomicter, Jr.
at Studio 46 Music Study Center, 181 Main St., Hackettstown, NJ 07840.

Sequence Copyright 1992, Bob Pomicter, Jr. Freeware distribution for
non-commercial use only.

This sequence was prepared using the Boosey & Hawkes publication,
"Two Roumanian Dances", (c) 1950, as the source score.

Track 1= Piano Right Hand
Track 2= Piano Left Hand
Track 3= Damper Pedal (Controller #64)
Track 64= Tempo and Meter changes

It is highly recommended that this sequence be played using all MIDI
data for velocity, tempo, main volume and metre.

This is my first attempt using Sequencer Plus Gold. Any suggestions and
constructive criticism are most welcome. Hope you enjoy!

GEnie: XTRO AOL: XTRO1 CUS: 73217,24 CHANNEL 1: Bob Pomicter

This file was uploaded by Bob Pomicter to:
615-723-1867 12/2400
615-723-1953 12/24/96/14.4 V.32bis

Thousands of MIDI/ADLIB/SoundBlaster Files.
Running PCBoard 14.5a software.

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