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ROL to MIDI music file conversion.
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ROL to MIDI music file conversion.
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Purpose: Converts a .ROL file to .MDI format (MIDI TYPE O)

Note: A music file with the extension ".ROL" is an Adlib format sound file.
".ROL" files may be found on almost any Bulletin Board system or may be
purchased from many of the shareware distributors. "ROL" files are usually
accompanied by a BANK file (i.e., STANDARD.BNK). Bank files hold the data
for the various instruments used by the music file. A BANK file will be re-
quired in order to perform conversions from ROL to MDI format. Once you
have converted to MDI format, the BANK files are no longer reuired.

To convert any .ROL file to MIDI format you will need the following:

1 - The .ROL file(s) to be converted into MDI format.
2 - The BANK file (instrument file, i.e., STARDARD.BNK, BIGBANK.BNK, etc.)

Then do the following from the DOS prompt:

C>ROL2MIDI filename /Bbankfile /Onewfile

for example, to convert ROCKNROL.ROL to ROCKNROL.MDI using the
STANDARD instrument bankfile: (.ROL files require Instrument bank files)

C>ROL2MIDI rocknrol.rol /Bstandard.bnk /Orocknrol.mdi

Note: Case is sensitive.

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