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StdMIDI - Michael Jackson's "Billy Jean".
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StdMIDI – Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean”.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BILLJEAN.MID 41964 8121 deflated
COMMENT.TXT 632 365 deflated

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Contents of the COMMENT.TXT file

Declaration of Origin and Health

Original Filename : BILLJEAN.ARC
Original Uploader : Midibiel
Upload Date : 07-JAN-91 14:21:18
Checked and Converted : 21-MAY-91 08:56:32
Virus checked by : McAfee Virus SCAN 7.2 Version 77 (April 28th 1991).
Converted to ZIP by : MajorZIP Version 1.3 (May 13 1991)
Registered to STER BBS, The Netherlands
Serial number 1000011

STER BBS, the Netherlands declares this ZIP file to be in good working
order and checked for virii as far as up-to-date technology allowes.

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