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Digitized speech system demo. Lots of speech that can also be used stand alone in batch files.
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Digitized speech system demo. Lots of speech that can also be used stand alone in batch files.
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ABADJOKE.SPC 12811 5905 deflated
ANELAUGH.SPC 6166 3860 deflated
COFBREAK.SPC 4998 1951 deflated
COMPROHB.SPC 7406 3965 deflated
DEOAMOSQ.SPC 11393 4165 deflated
EZDEMO.EXE 26179 12666 deflated
EZSAY.EXE 16683 8817 deflated
FEEDBACK.SPC 7998 3541 deflated
FHPTFKEY.SPC 7053 2430 deflated
HEYGDLKG.SPC 1679 1095 deflated
INFORMAT.ION 1842 482 deflated
ITHECOPS.SPC 23216 14912 deflated
NOIDWTDO.SPC 6467 3430 deflated
PAKTCONT.SPC 4746 2397 deflated
PASSWORD.SPC 4729 2085 deflated
READ.ME 3196 1402 deflated
REVEILLE.SPC 20918 9897 deflated
TSTTHEME.SPC 56207 35616 deflated
VRYXCTED.SPC 4740 2694 deflated
WELCOME.SPC 22325 12478 deflated
WRNGDSTR.SPC 10432 4700 deflated
ZIPADEDO.SPC 27341 16089 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

(C)opyright 1990 by TEKNOMETRIKA

*** NOTICE ***
All of these files are copyrighted software, however, they may be
freely distributed so long as they are distributed in their
ORIGINAL FORM, UNMODIFIED, and NO charge is made for any of them,
in any way.

To put it simply, you are free to use these programs as much as you
like as long as you don't use them in another product or sell them.


This package contains the following files........

READ.ME: This file.
EZDEMO.EXE : Demonstration of all of the speech.
EZSAY.EXE : Stand alone talker.
INFORMAT.ION: Information screen on EZSPEAK
VRYXCTED.SPC : Speech Data files

To take a test drive, simply type EZDEMO. From there you will
be able to hear all of the sample speech files. EZDEMO will run on
all PC-Compatibles, so don't worry about what kind of monitor you
To hear a single speech file use the program EZSAY followed
by the name of the speech file. For example "EZSAY PASSWORD.SPC".
You can have some fun with some friends by putting speech in their
autoexec.bat or somewhere else where they will unexpectedly run
into it. You can defeat the copyright notice by redirecting the
output of EZSAY with the "> NUL:" DOS command. For example,
"EZSAY PASSWORD.SPC > NUL:", it's more impressive that way.

All of the speech on these files was made using custom
hardware and software. If you are a software developer and would
like to have your programs talk, by all means write us! We will
give you a complete information package. Our speech service has
already been successfully used in a number of commercial packages.
We offer a speech service rather than a specific product. We can,
however, offer you a contract including the hardware and software
development system (and of course the source code for drivers,
etc..). That option gives you unlimited opportunity to add as much
of your own digitized speech to as many products as you like,
royalty free (of course). If you would just like a phrase or two
in order to add some bells and whistles (hey--we can do them) we
also offer that service. Adding intelligible speech to your
programs can make a big difference! All you need to do is write
us at.....
Suite #123
11160 Veirs Mill Rd., L-15
Wheaton, MD 20902

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