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Interactive audio-visual demo. Crisp.
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Interactive audio-visual demo. Crisp.
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Contents of the README.1ST file

>>> First Time Information For The UltraForce Development VECTORdemo <<<

Hi everybody,

First of all, this demo is for AT computers only, that is 80286 and higher !
Then, it's for VGA-screens only. We use very fast tweaked routines to achieve
the fast update cycle, and they may not work on your computer. Everything
should run okay if your VGA card is FULLY REGISTER compatible.

If you type VECTDEMO at the prompt, then everything should load okay...
In the menu system you MUST first INSTALL the demo for your computer, please
specify your AT-type, and then choose the SoundBlaster card. If the automatic
detection fails, (for example if you have a lot of expansion cards in your
computer), then you can copy your customized CT-VOICE.DRV into the directory
of the vectordemo. Then install the demo again. If everything went okay,
an install file will be saved, so that you can skip this step the next time
you want to take a look at this demo.

The rest of the menu's will give you some information about the guys behind
this project, how you can contact them, and how you can obtain more demo's
from this Dutch group called UltraForce Development !!!

Have Fun !!! (For commandline options type VECTDEMO /?)

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