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Plays sound files from Macintosh computers on internal IBM-PC speaker.
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Plays sound files from Macintosh computers on internal IBM-PC speaker.
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Contents of the README.TXT file

Thank you for using this software product

Other Software Available by the same authors

* Available at the FTP site listed below

o Instant Access 3.00: A menu driven system similar to PLAYMAC
that works under DOS 3.3 or 4.0.

o Playmac : A menu driven system for REmac that will allow you
to point-n-shoot sound files and play them on your computer.
be watching for a SOUNDBLASTER/ADLIB version soon.

o Simpsons: A "fortune" program that will randomly spit out any
of over 145 quotes from the program.

o Quantum Leap: A "fortune" program that similiar to Simpsons.

o Laws: A "fortune" program with generic Murphy law type quotes
similar to Simpsons. Contains 445 quotes.

o Edit: A Wordstar-like Editor. Great to help edit Playmac data

o Du: Similar to that of Unix-DU, this adds special features and

o Ls: Similar to that of Unix-LS, this mimics the Unix-LS command
in MS-DOS.

o Space: A Fast free space disk calculator.

o Status: Quickly checks backup status by scanning archive bits.

o Lzt: An Instant Access add-in, this translates the output
generated by LZEXE and COMTOEXE back to English.

o Janitor: A quick way of marking *.BAK (user specified) files
for deletion.

Playmac Technologies also runs an FTP site for sound files at

Site : ccb.ucsf.edu
name : anonymous
password : (your user id)
directory : Pub/Sound_list

Please FTP during non-peak hours to reduce system load and speed your
FTP time up.

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