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Windows music composition program. Put musical notes on the screen, play them, and print sheet music. Nice program.
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Windows music composition program. Put musical notes on the screen, play them, and print sheet music. Nice program.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AMERICAN.LYR 8804 1850 deflated
DANCE_OF.LYR 3665 942 deflated
EASYWINR.LYR 8553 1740 deflated
ENTERTN.LYR 9122 1582 deflated
EXAMPLE.LYR 1519 704 deflated
EXCELSOR.LYR 8251 1811 deflated
GENMIDI.INS 1932 953 deflated
GOUNOD.LYR 7538 1690 deflated
GYPSY_LS.LYR 3009 1070 deflated
HABANERA.LYR 3177 982 deflated
INDIA.LYR 3459 1004 deflated
JESUJOY.LYR 2304 997 deflated
K1000.INS 1501 752 deflated
KAWAI_K1.INS 1594 957 deflated
KORG_M1.INS 1569 830 deflated
MIDIIO.DLL 19200 4295 deflated
MINUET_G.LYR 3504 897 deflated
MUSETTA.LYR 5574 1417 deflated
NITEGALE.LYR 8863 1839 deflated
POLDANCE.LYR 7840 1615 deflated
PRELUDEA.LYR 2250 669 deflated
PROTEUS1.INS 1993 1177 deflated
PROTEUS2.INS 1967 1074 deflated
RAGDANCE.LYR 8218 1961 deflated
README.TXT 1309 689 deflated
REEDPIPE.LYR 4877 920 deflated
REOPUS40.LYR 20637 3038 deflated
RHYTHM.LYR 2720 884 deflated
THUNDERL.LYR 8300 2188 deflated
TO_LIFE.LYR 7541 1948 deflated
TRIANGLE.LYR 5155 1858 deflated
U220.INS 1808 796 deflated
WHOA_NEL.LYR 12494 2269 deflated
WLYRA.EXE 268544 78231 deflated
WLYRA.HLP 175513 51395 deflated
WLYRA.INI 234 191 deflated
WLYRA.WRI 24960 8440 deflated
_DEFAULT.LYR 1112 459 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

Lyra for Windows is a music composition program for the IBM-PC and
compatibles. It requires Windows 3.1 to run. The program and
accompanying files are copyright 1993 by Lester Hands and may not be
distributed except as provided for in this document.

Lyra and the accompanying files may not be sold or included as a part of
another product (even if for "free"). A nominal charge for distribution
media may be made. You are encouraged to give copies to your friends or
to post the program on a BBS, provided that you do not make any changes
to any of the files.

Lyra is being distributed as shareware and your financial support is
appreciated. In fact, it will provide impetus for the author to make
improvements. If you like the program, a registration fee of US $20.00
will get you a copy of the latest version and put you on a mailing list
to receive information about updates and new products.

The files included in Lyra for Windows are:
wlyra.exe the program
wlyra.hlp help for Lyra
midiio.dll part of wlyra.exe, provides MIDI I/O
readme.txt what you are reading now
*.lyr several music files that are ready to play

Please direct all comments, suggestions, and inquiries to:

Lester Hands
Hamlet Route Box 1261
Seaside, OR 97138

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