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If you have a Sound Blaster, you have a drum machine. Over 60 built-in rhythms and fills. Easy to use, sounds really great.

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Exciting new version of the popular
Sound Blaster drum machine program.
Features programmable patterns,
instrument placement (stereo),
more percussion instruments.
Still easy to use, no midi required!
Req: 386+, EGA or VGA, Mouse, Sound Blaster

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If you have a Sound Blaster, you have a drum machine. Over 60 built-in rhythms and fills. Easy to use, sounds really great.
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Contents of the PCDRUM.DOC file

PC DRUMMER Version 2.0
Copyright (C) 1993-94 by Paul E. Orszula
Released 9/18/94

PC DRUMMER is a drum machine program for IBM compatables
with a Sound Blaster. It combines presampled digitized
percussion sounds into patterns of various musical styles. You
can also create your own patterns and configure individual
instrument volume and stereo positioning. No MIDI or other
hookups are required, but home stereo amplification provides
maximum effect.

You don't need to be a drummer to use it, but it helps to
know a few basic drumming concepts; measures, beats, rhythms, and
fills. Here goes. A song is divided into equal length musical
units called MEASURES. Here, every measure is divided into 4
BEATS. When you select a PATTERN you are selecting a repeating
measure long pattern of drum hits. PATTERNS are arranged to make

When you run the program you will first see an intro screen
and you should hear a continuous drum pattern. Press Enter or a
mouse button for the main screen.

The screen is laid out in four basic sections.

PATTERN buttons select measure
long drum sequences of basic
rhythms, intros, fills, or

The CONTROL section allows you
to change tempo, instrument
use, program. (BLUE)
READOUT contains the current drum
machine programming.


Use the mouse to navigate these areas. In general the left
mouse button will make something happen, the right button will do
the opposite. Most screen buttons have lights to indicate
activation. Experiment with different patterns. Change the
speed by increasing and decreasing the TEMPO. Get comfortable
with these functions before you begin programming songs.


REST ROCK 1 (40 MAGENTA Buttons)

With the pattern buttons (Rock 1, Funk 1,...) you set the
drum pattern. "Rest" for no pattern. The left mouse button
selects the pattern. The right mouse button (while in the
pattern section) is the same as a rest selection.


These buttons set the operating mode. In PATTERN mode
view/play/edit individual patterns. In SONG mode arrange a full
length song using the pattern buttons. LOAD mode to select a
file store on disk. In CONFIG adjust individual instrument
volume and stereo left/right positioning. (stereo is not
available on the Sound Blaster Basic models).


These buttons control sound output. The left button turns
it on the right turns it off. In the case of TEMPO, the left
mouse speeds up the song, right to slows it down. Turn LOOP on
to make individual patterns loop while in PATTERN mode, and make
a song continuously repeat while in SONG mode. Use STEREO to
toggle between mono and stereo output.


SAVE will write all patterns and the current song
arrangement to disk. NEW clears all patterns and the current
song arrangement so that PC Drummer can be programmed from
scratch. RESET restores the program to the startup state. Use
QUIT when you have had enough for now.



These PATTERN mode buttons operate on the currently selected
pattern. Use NAME to change the button label. Use SEGMENT to
change the number of segments in the pattern (Rock/Funk are
generally 16ths, Jazz/Blues in triplets). COPY will copy the
currently selected pattern to a newly specified pattern. CLEAR
will blank out the currently selected pattern.


These SONG mode buttons will help you edit a song. Change
the song name with the NAME button. INSERT will insert a REST
pattern where the song pointer is currently located. DELETE will
delete the pattern at the song pointer. CLEAR will erase the
entire arrangement.

Note: button light indicates activation

Quick exit
Does what your pointing at (same as left mouse
+ Same as and left mouse button
- Same as right mouse button

KEYWORDS: Music, Drums, Rhythm, Sound Blaster

Sound Blaster
EGA or VGA display


If your Sound Blaster is setup as described in the Sound
Blaster manual, you should have no problems running this program.
If you have problems, make sure you have the following
environment variables defined in your autoexec.com:


What comes to the right of the equal sign depends on your
configuration and sound board version. Also make sure the file
CT-VOICE.DRV is located in the directory specified after SOUND


All warranties are disclaimed, including damage to hardware
and/or software from use of this program. In no event will Paul
Orszula or the distributor be liable for any damages, including
lost profits, lost savings or other incidental or consequential
damages arising out of use or inability to use this program, or
any other claim by any other party.


Feel free to use this software and distribute unmodified
copies to friends, associates, groups and BBS that don't charge
for individual downloads. The package must contain these and
only these files: PCDRUM.EXE, PCDRUM.DOC, and FILE_ID.DIZ. If
this package is compressed for distribution, use the root name
PCDRUM20 (for filenames like PCDRUM20.ZIP or PCDRUM20.ARC)


All shareware vendors are granted a limited license to
distribute this software, subject to the following requirements:

You must clearly explain that this program is not free,
but is copyrighted software that is provided to allow
the user to evaluate it before paying.

You charge less than $6, including postage, mailer and
any other changes.

You do not modify, delete, or rename any files.

The offering and sale of PCDRUMMER will be stopped at
any time the author so request.

The program and it's documentation files must be
supplied in their entirety, without modification,
truncation, or omission.


The "Shareware Exchange" BBS (410)-391-1088
(24hr/7day, 2400-14400) Sys-Op Lionel Tharle
note: this number may change June 1995.

Crescendo BBS (301)-409-4775, (410)-792-7208
(24hr/7day, 2400-14400) Sys-Op Roger Wood

Paul Orszula at
Fidonet 1:109/563 SoundTrax 17:2301/563
MetalNet 75:301/563 SBCNet 13:410/101
RockLink 188:301/100 MIDILink 199:1001/1
Internet: [email protected]

Prodigy: KJXR29A
"The Shareware Exchange" BBS local messaging^[
"Cresendo" BBS local messaging


Commercial software products cost a lot of money, and you have
no way of knowing if you will be satisfied when you buy. Even if
you like it, they'll come out with version 2 and you've got to
pay even more just to keep up. Shareware gives you the
opportunity to try before you buy. You only pay for if you like
it and intend to continue to use it. Registered users are very
much appreciated and most valued as sources of suggestions for
improvements. Registered users of PC DRUMMER are lifetime users;
when new and improved updates come out your automatically
registered. Take advantage of the low registration price, with
your help, this program will expand and improve with time.
When your payment is received, you be sent a letter containing
the unlock code that will transform your evaluation copy to a
personalized enhanced program. Your unlock code will also
transform all future versions.

Sound Blaster is a registered trademark of Creative Labs, Inc.

We hope you enjoy using the PC DRUMMER

Yes, I would like to register as a user of PC DRUMMER. I
enclose a $15 check (US bank) or money order payable to Paul
Orszula. Rush me my registration notification.

NAME: _________________________________________________

ADDRESS: _________________________________________________

CITY: ____________________________ STATE: __________

ZIP CODE: _____________ PHONE #: (_____)______________

(Option) ____ (check)

I would rather you to send me my registration key, the
latest update of PC DRUMMER, and assorted drum files on
diskette. I enclose a check for 20$.

Diskette: 5 1/4 3 1/2 (circle one)


Help us with information to serve you best: (circle one)

CPU: 8088 286 386 486 Pentium Graphics: EGA VGA

Sound Blaster: SB1.5 SB2.0 SBPro SB16 Awe32

Where did your copy of PC DRUMMER?

BBS CD-ROM Vendor Name:

What other sound cards do you own or are considering buying?

Please include any comments or suggestions.

Send to:
Paul Orszula Box 138
6400 Baltimore National Pike
Baltimore, MD 21228-3915

-- Thank you for your registration --
PCDRUMMER 2.0 September 1, 1994

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