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MIDI file to Adlib ROL format converter.
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MIDI file to Adlib ROL format converter.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BNK835.BNK 36316 10651 deflated
DEFAULT.CFG 1161 591 deflated
FANTASIA.MID 20058 3843 deflated
LISTBNK.EXE 9679 6454 deflated
MF2ROL.DOC 4440 1984 deflated
MF2ROL.EXE 47014 26138 deflated
MT32.CFG 3145 1034 deflated
MT32INS.CFG 2005 830 deflated
PANAMA.CFG 1276 628 deflated
PANAMA.MID 4733 676 deflated
ROOTBEER.MID 13936 2951 deflated
STYX-32.MID 10433 7085 deflated

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Contents of the MF2ROL.DOC file

MF2ROL - A MIDI file to .ROL file converter.

Beta V1.0 uploaded originally to the Natl.PC & MIDI Data Bank BBS (708) 593-8703
This package should include the following files:

MF2ROL.DOCThis file.
MF2ROL.EXEMIDI File to AdLib .ROL file converter.
LISTBNK.EXEAdLib instrument bank (.BNK) listing program.
BNK835.BNKInstrument bank file referenced by all the .CFG files below
PANAMA.MIDSample MIDI file from BENOIT.ZIP on this BBS.
PANAMA.CFGConfig file suitable for PANAMA.MID
FANTASIA.MIDAnother sample MIDI file from LUTE.ZIP
ROOTBEER.MIDAnother sample MIDI file from PIANSOLO.ZIP
STYX-32.MIDAnother sample MIDI file from STYX-32.ZIP
DEFAULT.CFGA simple config file.
MT32.CFGA very incomplete config file to emulate an MT32
MT32INS.CFGSame as above but with no percussion

The author wrote MF2ROL and LISTBNK at home, for his own personal use.
Since many AdLib and SoundBlaster owners may find these programs useful,
they are being released to the user community. However, the author retains
ownership of the programs, and they may not be sold for profit. The package
may be distributed freely, but the contents should not be altered in any
way including this document. The user is responsible for determining that
these programs are suitable and safe for use on his/her system.

This program converts MIDI files to .ROL files. This beta version
processes note, program (patch/timbre) and tempo information and
ignores pitch-bend and volume (pressure). Maximum number of events
processed is about 6400. To convert a MIDI file, simply specify it in the
command line, for example:

mf2rol music.mid

This will create the file called music.rol in the current directory.
The conversion may be dull however because the converter assumes all
notes should be played with the instrument "PIANO1". To control what
timbres (instruments) are used, you may specify a configuration file
as a second argument to the program, for example:

mf2rol music.mid default.cfg

In this case, the converter will use the information in the config
file to assign instruments to patch numbers, tracks or channels.
The config file specifies a instrument bank file to use, percussion
mode in addition to the timbre assignment rules.
Examine the sample config files for documentation.
You will certainly want to develop your own config files to emulate
the more popular synths. Some knowledge of MIDI would be handy.

To convert the sample MIDI files in this package to ROLs, use
the following commands:

mf2rol panama.mid panama.cfg
mf2rol fantasia.mid default.cfg
mf2rol rootbeer.mid
mf2rol styx-32.mid mt32ins.cfg

When you play the ROLs, remember to tell your player to use BNK835.BNK.
The converter uses a dynamic allocation method to assign sound-card
voices to individual notes. If there are more simultaneous notes
in a MIDI file than there are voices, the program cuts off the oldest
notes currently playing. Thus, if you convert MIDI files that have
very many simultaneous notes playing, the resulting ROL may sound
choppy. Take note that many profesionally sequenced files DO
use a LOT of notes. The styx-32 sample is included to illustrate
this effect.

Known problems:
1) Memory limit - will not convert very large MIDI files.
2) Zero-length notes - The program specifies 24 ticks per
beat in the ROL file while MIDI files usually go between
100 and 200 ticks per beat. Very short notes get trucated
down to zero length and get left out of the ROL.

This program lists the contents of an instrument bank file.
For example, to list the contents of BNK835.BNK use the command:

listbnk bnk835.bnk

This will list the instruments to the screen. To save into a file
or to print, use:

listbnk bnk835.bnk > bnk835.lst
listbnk bnk835.bnk > prn:

A listing of the contents of your favorite instrument bank file
is handy when creating your own config file.

I hope you find these programs useful as I have. Remember that this
is the very first version of these programs. Since they are basically
free, please do not expect support. I am willing to take bug reports
however. If you do develop a complete config file for the MT32, I'd
appreciate a copy.

-Alejandro Kapauan (on this BBS)
[email protected] (internet)
hdtx51a (Prodigy)

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