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Theme to JURASSIC park, .MID format.
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Theme to JURASSIC park, .MID format.
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Contents of the JURAS_GM.TXT file

Jurassic Park - Main Theme

By John Williams Arr./Seq. by Bill Wright

This is a full orchestra arrangement of the Main Theme.
It has been tested on a Roland Sound Canvas.

Both Calewalk (.WRK) and General Midi (.MID) files have been included.

Both files have imbedded PATCH, VOLUME (Control 7), PANNING(Control 10),
REVERB (Control 91), CHORUSING (Control 93).

If you have synth modules with VERY leggato strings, and a decent
French Horn, substitute those for the ones on the sound canvas
(or your particular General Midi Synth). The ones on the Sound Canvas
leave a lot to be desired.

If you would like to see more full orchestration of this type, leave a
note on the net to Milt Skorupa - on the Sound Management BBS.

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