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GoldWave for Windows - .WAV file editor.

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Goldwave sound pkayer utility for Windows
plays every type of sound file except MIDI
(Version 2.0).

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GoldWave for Windows – .WAV file editor.
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Goldwave sound pkayer utility for Windows
plays every type of sound file except MIDI
(Version 2.0).
## ### ########
## G o l d W a v e ## ## v2.00 ##
## ## ## ##
## ### ## *** ## ## *****
## ## ## ## ## ##
## ## ## ## ## ##
### ### ### ***** TM

Table of Contents

1.0 GoldWave Features
2.0 Important Additional Notes
3.0 Shareware, Copyright & Distribution, Warrenty
4.0 Contacting the Author
5.0 Statistics

Please read GOLDWAVE.WRI for installation instructions.
GOLDWAVE.WRI is in Windows Write format.

1.0 GoldWave Features

GoldWave is sound editor, player and recorder for MS-Windows.

* Supports all MPC sound cards (SB, SB16, PAS16, GUS, ...)
* Full 16-bit stereo editing
* Uses 386 32-bit instructions for fast processing
* Multiple re-sizable file windows with time axis and
"Overview" box.
* Independent left/right channel editing and viewing
* Super zoom to magnify to a sub-sample level for extra
accurate editing
* Direct editing with the mouse
* Standard editing functions: undo, cut, copy, paste,
trim, mix, delete
* Intelligent editing that automatically converts
sampling rates, bits, and channels when copying and
pasting to different file formats
* Detached "Device Controls" window with dual oscilloscopes
and play, pause, stop, record, volume, balance, and speed
* Amplitude or Spectral oscilloscopes
* Built-in support for WAV, VOC, IFF, AU, SND, MAT as well
as the ability to open RAW files
* Export command to save files in various formats
* Tool Bar for editing, zooming, and opening files
* Standard effects: echo, volume, reverse, envelope shaping,
panning, filters, ...
* Flexibility to choose input/output devices
* Expression evaluator for any type of sound generation
and manipulation
* Shareware, with NO FEATURES DISABLED !

2.0 Important Additional Notes

2.1) GoldWave v2.00 requires a 386 or better processor. It
will not work on a 286 or below.

2.2) Due to the large number of programs which do not
properly read RIFF WAVE files, GoldWave now writes the INFO
chunk at the end of the file instead of the beginning.
This should solve problems with programs that *wrongly*
assume there are no extra chunks in wave files.
(GoldWave v1.00 creates perfectly valid RIFF WAVE files!)

2.3) The largest file you can open depends upon how much RAM
you have for Windows. If you plan to use 16-bit, stereo,
44100Hz CD quality, then you need 10 megabytes of RAM for
every minute of sound. A 5 minute song requires 50 Megs.
The amount of virtual memory you have makes no difference,
since Windows refuses to use more virtual memory than RAM.
GoldWave could load and play 100 Megabyte files if the OS
allowed it. Maybe Windows 4.0 will...

2.4) The undo feature uses a temporary file. Make sure the
TEMP envorinment variable specifies a drive large enough
to hold several megabytes of data. Otherwise you may
get undo messages (cannot write) for insufficient space.

2.5) If you are tired of the current colour scheme, add the
following lines to the end of the GOLDWAVE.INI file in your
WINDOWS directory (this file will be created when you
first run and close GoldWave):

Start Marker=255, 255, 255
Finish Marker=255, 255, 255
Graph Background=0, 0, 128
Scope Background=0, 0, 128
Amplitude Scope=255, 255, 255
Spectral Scope=255, 255, 0
Scope Grid=0, 0, 0

The three values specify the intensities of red, green, and
blue. They can be set to: 0, 128, or 255. The value 255
is the maximum intensity. To get light grey, set all three
values to 192. Note that the colour of the markers depends
upon the background colour. Make sure the colours you
specify are visible (i.e. don't set background and scope
colours to the same values)

2.6) Undo and colours were last minute additions. Please
let me know if you encounter any problems.

2.7) In order to get the scope working correctly, you might
have to change the positioning method in the Device Setup
dialog box. The Estimate method is good for playback, but
there is a small delay for recording to allow certain cards
to transfer recorded data to RAM.

2.8) When using record looping, remember to turn it off when
you want to do your final recording.

3.0 Shareware, Copyright & Distribution, Warrenty

3.1 Shareware
GoldWave is a shareware program. You may use this program for
a trial period of two weeks. After this time you can either
register the program or delete it from your system. To
register and encourage further development, please follow the
directions in the ORDER.TXT file included with this program.

3.2 Copyright & Distribution
GLDWAV20.ZIP ("the package") includes the following software
and documentation:
GOLDWAVE.EXEExecutable file
GOLDWAVE.HLPOn-line help
EXPRESS.TXTA collection of expressions
ORDER.TXTOrder form

The package is copyright (C) 1993-1994 by Chris S. Craig.

You may copy and distribute the package through BBS and ftp
sites. Only the unmodified GLDWAV20.ZIP may be distributed
or copied.
You are prohibited from:
charging a fee or requesting donations for the package;
distributing/including the package in commercial products;
modifying the package.

The package may be distributed on CDROM in the case where ftp
sites issue CDROMs of their collections. This includes the
SimTel CDROM, Garbo CDROM, Sound Site CDROM, and other
similar large collection.

To contact the author, please refer to the GOLDWAVE.WRI

All trademarks/registered names acknowledged.

3.3 Warrenty
The package is provided as is, without warranty of any kind.
The author shall not be liable for damages of any kind. Use
of this Shareware software indicates you agree to this.

4.0 Contacting the Author

Please refer to the GOLDWAVE.WRI manual.

5.0 Statistics

Version 2.00 Statistics
Compilier:Borland 3.1
Environment: Microsoft Windows 3.1
System:a slow 20MHz, 386
Total hours:1266

Source code (in bytes):
*.H 76850
Total718641(~26000 lines)

Documentation (in bytes):

Version 1.00 Statistics
Language: C++
Environment: Microsoft Windows
Hours required: 657

Source code (in bytes):
*.H 48037
Total433407(~15000 lines)

Documentation (in bytes):


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