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VGA and Sound Blaster demo.

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RNISSNC '92 Presents

Black Glass ][

VGA Vector Demo! The Long Awaited
Sequal! Uses Our NEW Digital/FM
Music Driver For Fantastic STEREO
Sound! Supports SoundBlaster and
SoundBlaster Pro (Stereo) Cards.
Requires - 386 Processor and VGA

File RBGDEMO2.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Music and Digitized Voice
VGA and Sound Blaster demo.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CBT.COM 392 277 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 546 277 deflated
MUZIK0.670 62305 43653 deflated
MUZIK1.670 18543 7317 deflated
OTHERMUZ.BAT 89 85 deflated
RBGDEMO2.DOC 1613 860 deflated
RBGDEMO2.EXE 31478 31474 deflated
REN-92.NFO 4383 1605 deflated

Download File RBGDEMO2.ZIP Here

Contents of the RBGDEMO2.DOC file

-=- "Black Glass ][" Vector Demo - Renaissance 7/18/92 -=-
-=- Demo Coded By Tran Awesome Music By Mosaic & C.C.Catch -=-

- 386 Processor Or Better
- VGA Graphics
- SoundBlaster/SoundBlaster Pro (Optional)

Black Glass ][ is the first demo to use our new Digital/FM music driver... In
fact, it is also a player for our new .670 music format. As more .670 files
become available, you will be able to play them with Black Glass ][ by simply
adding the music name on the command line. See OTHERMUZ.BAT for an example.

IMPORTANT!! - You Must NOT Have Any Expanded/Extended Memory Managers Loaded
In Order To Run This Demo. This includes QEMM, EMM386, 386^MAX,
and HIMEM. This is not bad coding, this is due to the fact that
only one program can take hold of 386 32-bit Protected mode at
one time. If you have some sort of a Memory Manager loaded, you
will get the message "SYSTEM ALREADY IN V86 MODE!!!". In this
case, make yourself a bootup disk, and boot off that before
running the demo or use CBT. I know this is annoying but it is
DEFINITELY worth it!

Included is a file called CBT.COM which you can run in order to save you some
time with this demo. It will reboot your computer with a clean CONFIG.SYS and
AUTOEXEC.BAT then you can reboot and your PC will be back to normal.

Check Out REN-92.NFO for information about Renaissance.... Later.

-- Daredevil

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