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Various sounds for the Windows 3.0 sound player, Sounder2.
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Various sounds for the Windows 3.0 sound player, Sounder2.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BANZAI.SOU 54784 45513 deflated
CHEWIE.SOU 26972 23494 deflated
CHEWIE2.SOU 36126 31419 deflated
HUNTIN.SOU 111160 57528 deflated
LEAVE.SOU 23903 20771 deflated
MADNESS.SOU 45168 41677 deflated
PUDDY.SOU 34048 26135 deflated
README.DOC 1010 655 deflated
SURPRISE.SOU 45112 39293 deflated
WHATSUP.SOU 61440 33932 deflated

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Contents of the README.DOC file

The files in this archive are Macintosh digital sound recordings which can
be "played back" using SOUNDER v2.0. All of these sounds are sampled at
22 Khz. These sounds were found in the MACFUN forum on CompuServe and
"unstuffed" into DOS files for use with SOUNDER.. Enjoy!

BANZAI - Someone shouts "It's Buckaroo Banzai!"
CHEWIE - Chewbacca roar #1 from Star Wars
CHEWIE2 - Chewbacca roar #2 from Star Wars
HUNTIN - Elmer Fudd is "Huntin' Wabbits.."
LEAVE - Darth Vader saying "Leave that to me."
MADNESS - C3PO says "This is madness", R2D2 beeps.
PUDDY - Tweety bird "I thought I saw a puddy tat."
SURPRISE - Darth Vader: "Don't act so surprised..."
WHATSUP - Bugs Bunny's famous line

(NOTE: This collection of sounds was put together by Mr. Kim Levitt,
sysop of the Synergistic Enterprises BBS at (213) 653-6398 (300 to
38400 baud, 8 bits, no parity, 24 hrs.) Give it a call some time and
check it out, over 500 Windows applications, many neat DOS utilities,

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