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Play .VOC files through your PC speaker.
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Play .VOC files through your PC speaker.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
MYDAY.VOC 16153 12979 deflated
PC_SOUND.ASM 5504 1338 deflated
PC_SOUND.LIB 384 195 deflated
VOC_DATA.LIB 1220 475 deflated
VOC_IO.LIB 2241 745 deflated
VOC_IO.PKG 11897 2336 deflated
VOC_PC.LIB 512 270 deflated
VOC_PC.PKG 3968 1051 deflated
VOC_SHOW.DOC 1024 516 deflated
VOC_SHOW.EXE 39848 19304 deflated
VOC_SHOW.PKG 1920 628 deflated

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Contents of the VOC_SHOW.DOC file

VOC_PC.ZIP contains code to read and write SoundBlaster .VOC files
and to play unpacked or 4-bit packed files on the IBM PC's speaker.
This is a working, but early and not super clean version of this code.

Copyright Tom Moran, 1991, may be used by anyone for any purpose.
Decision Aids, 14701 Farwell Ave. Saratoga, CA.
tom moran on Channel 1, tmoran on BIX, MCI Mail

external specifications
VOC_DATA.LIB data type definitions
VOC_PC.LIB .VOC to PC conversions
PC_SOUND.LIB PC speaker playback
actual bodies of code
PC_SOUND.ASM note, this is Janus Ada JASM86, not MASM
main program
VOC_SHOW.PKG usage: voc_show myday.voc
sample data file
MYDAY.VOC Clint Eastwood, converted from MAKMYDAY.VOC
in SOUND.ZIP on Channel 1 BBS.

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