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3 Cakewalk jazz selections.
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3 Cakewalk jazz selections.
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EBGBLU32.WRK 37354 14356 deflated
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TAXI1-32.WRK 30864 6218 deflated
TIME4U32.WRK 47554 11773 deflated

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Contents of the MIDICAK3.DOC file


These are Song Sequences *.wrk files that can be used with the Cakewalk
MIDI sequencer and the MPU-401 or compatible MIDI interface. These songs are
setup to run with the Roland MT-32 Sound Module, but with a little work you
can use them with any MIDI Keyboards.

If you have any question about getting these to run, leave a message to me
on Exec PC, Milwaukee. Or contact Midwest MIDI BBS Consultants at

Arthur Edstrom March 7, 1988
Avenue Recording

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