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PC MUSICIAN - A Musical Composition Program.
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PC MUSICIAN – A Musical Composition Program.
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AUTOEXEC.BAT 14 14 stored
BUTCHER.SNG 640 114 deflated
DONA.SNG 896 230 deflated
EXNOTES.FNT 1024 381 deflated
I_WILL.SNG 604 162 deflated
JNGLEBLS.SNG 420 111 deflated
MAKECOPY.BAT 13 13 stored
MAKEMONO.BAT 82 60 deflated
MAXWELLS.SNG 444 156 deflated
MICHELLE.SNG 672 143 deflated
MUSICIAN.DOC 27650 9232 deflated
MUSICIAN.EXE 27136 13954 deflated
OLDWOMAN.SNG 512 113 deflated
PRINTDOC.BAT 60 45 deflated
READ.ME 768 430 deflated
SHEWALKS.SNG 640 228 deflated
TXTMUSIC.EXE 27136 13750 deflated
YESTRDAY.SNG 520 131 deflated
YNKEDODL.SNG 244 86 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Welcome to PC Musician!

There are a few steps which you must take before you start enjoying your new

1. If you have a printer, turn it on, make sure your distribution disk (this
one) is in drive A:, and at the A> prompt type printdoc . This will
cause your user's manual to be printed out onto paper.

2. If you don't have a printer simply type at the A> the following two words
type musician.doc .Be prepared to hit Ctrl and Num Lock at the same time
when you see the title WHAT TO DO FIRST. Now read that section.

3. If you have successfully completed step 1. above, then you may read the
section WHAT TO DO FIRST in your copy of the manual.

PLEASE complete these few steps before doing anything else!!!

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