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Convert ASCII to MIDI format.
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Convert ASCII to MIDI format.
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Contents of the ASCIIMID.DOC file

Congratulations!!! You are now the once-proud owner of an ASCII to MIDI
tranformation utility! ASCIIMID takes any DOS text file and outputs a
corresponding Standard MIDI File 0, according to a few simple rules: Any
characters between ASCII codes 32 and 128 are mapped to MIDI note numbers
between 0 and 96. Any code falling outside of this range is interpreted
as a rest. Each note and rest occupies a 16th note. The velocities for
each note are randomly generated.

Even though it's designed for text files, ASCIIMID will work on any DOS
file type. For example, typing ASCIIMID ASCIIMID.EXE ASCIIMID.MID will
make a .MID file out of ASCIIMID's executable! This results in a rather
lengthy composition - around 20 minutes at 120bpm - and sounds best with
a lingering bell sort of timbre (vibraphone is nice).

This is just one example of the compositional tools that my friend Peter
Kreutlein and I (collectively known as the Crimson Twins) use in creating
our music. If you'd like to hear some of our tunes, download CTSONGS.ZIP
from GEnie's MIDI Software Library (section 3, MIDIFILES - jazz, world,
folk, other) or CTSONG.ZIP from CompuServe's MIDI Music Forum (library 10).

If you have any ideas or comments, please write to Crimson Twins, c/o Randy
Stack, 6222 Brookhill Circle, Orlando, Florida 32810...and if you compose
anything around ASCIIMID's output, we'd like to hear it! Enjoy...Randy!

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