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Converts Mac .Snd Files to Windows .Wav Files.
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Converts Mac .Snd Files to Windows .Wav Files.
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Contents of the TRIXME.TXT file

* *
* TRIX WAVE Version 1.1 *
* by Patrick Faustino *
* copyright 1992 Trixware Industries *
* *

April 27, 1992

This program is Shareware. You are invited to use it for 30 days, after
which you are required to either stop using it or register it for the
registration fee of $10. Registering the program grants you free upgrades
to newer version of Trix Wave.

Please Send Check To:

Patrick Faustino
One Stop Post & Parcel
2331-D2 East Ave S
Palmdale CA 93550

Any Questions or Suggestions are most welcome. Please write me at the above
address or e-mail me at:

Xanadu BBS (Chico, CA) (916)893-9030 2400,n81
User : tRIX #135

Hardware and Software Requirements :
IBM compatible PC or better.
Windows 3.0 or later.
Multimedia extensions required to listen to files.

Installation :

1. Copy the file TRIXWAVE.EXE to any directory you wish.
2. From Windows Program Manager:
i. Click on a group (i.e Multimedia) where you wish the program to
ii. Choose the File menu and click on New.
iii. Click on Program Item and OK.
iv. Type in 'TRIX WAVE' and enter the path where TRIXWAVE.EXE
resides. Click on OK when done.

Using :

1. Find the group where Trix Wave belongs to and double click its icon.
2. To get help click on the Help Button from Trix Wave.
3. The instructions are given in the special help file!

Version Updates
------- ----------------------------------------------------------
1.1 Error Message when wrong files are selected or same files
are selected for Raw and Wave.

More Help Files.

Removed bug that corrupted raw file if wave file was same
name as raw file.

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