Dec 102017
Eleven new .MID files for your sound card.
File 11_MIDS.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category Music and Digitized Voice
Eleven new .MID files for your sound card.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
AMERICA.MID 3636 1854 deflated
CANNON_D.MID 29089 17130 deflated
ENTRTANR.MID 23129 6383 deflated
HELLOMYB.MID 9354 3670 deflated
MAPLERAG.MID 19217 5491 deflated
MINWLTZ.MID 20851 12277 deflated
MOOD2.MID 25722 2774 deflated
PETE&WLF.MID 12366 7856 deflated
PRELUE#3.MID 12793 7314 deflated
SAINTSGO.MID 10228 2645 deflated

Download File 11_MIDS.ZIP Here

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