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This is the most freqiently asked questions about the Spectacular Gravis Ultrasound Card.
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This is the most freqiently asked questions about the Spectacular Gravis Ultrasound Card.
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Juke Box Ultra!
v1.0 - (C) 1993 by Gary Maddox

Juke Box Ultra! is an easy to use program for playing MIDI files with
the Advanced Gravis UltraSound. It requires that PLAYMIDI be in the
ULTRADIR environment path. Use of a mouse if highly recommended, but
keyboard users can select files and playback functions by using the
TAB, PgDn, PgUp, Home, End and arrow keys. It is further recommended
that you have plenty of DOS memory free and that you have upgraded
your UltraSound to one megabyte of RAM. There are many, many MIDI
files available that need to load more instruments than will fit
into 256k of RAM. Some MIDI files will be too large to play from
the juke box. They may still be playable from DOS using PLAYMIDI.
Some MIDI files may sound "funny". These files most likely do not
conform to General MIDI instrument assignments and were intended to
be played on an MT-32/LAPC or other popular synthesizer.

Juke Box Ultra! assumes you have correctly installed your UltraSound.
I suggest that you install JB.EXE into your \ULTRASND subdirectory
and that you have included the \ULTRASND directory in your DOS PATH

Juke Box Ultra! is a shareware program. It is not public domain. It
is copyrighted by Gary Maddox. You are free to distribute this program
to your friends and on BBS systems. You may use it for 30 days. After
that period of time, you must quit using it or register it by sending
$10.00 to: Gary Maddox
1901 Spring Creek #315
Plano, TX 75023

By supporting this program, you will help to insure that it is worth
my time to write more software for the UltraSound. Let's face the
facts, there are over 3 million Sound Blasters and compatibles installed.
A higher percentage of UltraSound users will have to support developers

that are willing to support the UltraSound. It won't happen without
your support!

Watch for UltraMaster! A native UltraSound digital editor for SND, VOC
and WAV files. UltraMaster is based on the popular Sound Blaster editor,
BLASTER Master. Coming soon to a BBS near you!

UltraSound (C) 1992 by Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.
Juke Box Ultra! (C) 1993 by Gary Maddox

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