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Plays WAV sound files for Windows.
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Plays WAV sound files for Windows.
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Contents of the WAVSHELL.WRI file

WAVE SHELL Version 1.01

Wave Shell 1.01 couldn't be simpler -- it plays wave files quickly and easily. This capability is surprisingly missing from the new Mulitmedia extensions in Windows 3.1 (the easily part, anyway). In order to set up Wave Shell, place the file BWCC.DLL in your Windows directory or any other directory along your path. BWCC.DLL is included with the ZIP file. Using Wave Shell is pretty much self-explanatory. Some things to note:

- To play a wave file, select the sound with the mouse and either double click it or select the play button.

- Wave Shell will create a single line ' wavshell.ini' file that will store your selected path.

- Wave Shell will play over whatever sound driver you have selected. Use Control Panel to change sound drivers. You must ahve some form of a Sound Driver installed for Wave Shell to work properly.

I am distributing this program as shareware. Take a look at, use it, and if you like it and want to keep using it, please send me one dollar. That's really not much at all. I hate looking at a shareware program that is cool but is way over priced. This one is not. I haven't included any form of cripple-ware or any registration routines. I am relying on your integrity. I won't get into the definition of shareware or lay any big guilt trips on you, but don't use shareware if you don't pay for it. It's only fair. I don't provide any support or manuals or anything. That would be a bit ridiculous for this program, don't you think? Sending in money gives you peace of mind, though. Pretty nice thing to have. Plus, I might just write that specific little utility you wished someone would write if I get a reasonable amount of support.

This program may be distributed by any Shareware reseller as long as only a reasonable charge is asked for the distribution disks. WAVSHELL.ZIP itself may not be sold for any price. It may be freely distributed as long as it is not altered in any way and this Write file and the executable file are included with it.

I distribute this program 'as is' with no guarantees of performance or compatibility with anything at any time. I won't be held liable for anything that gets broken because of this program. Use it at your own risk. (Pretty official, huh?).

Version History:

Version 1.01 - October 22, 1992
First release version, including Borland Custom controls.

October 22, 1992

Nick Hodges
102 Catalina Avenue
NAS Lemoore, CA 93245
TEL: 209-998-7409
FAX: 209-998-5477

(Pretty official, huh?).

Version History:

Version 1.01 - October 22, 1992
First release version, including Borland Cuwsplhw
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