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An AMIGA Sound Tracker file player for IBM and clone systems.
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An AMIGA Sound Tracker file player for IBM and clone systems.
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Sound Module Player 1.1


An AMIGA Sound Tracker file player
for IBM and Clone Systems


This program must be executed as follows:

STM [pathname]\[filename]

Valid filenames (which are included) are CREAM.STM,
AGONY.STM, and ICE-T.STM. A file name MUST be specified
on the command line, or else the program will abort. The
extension .STM will automatically be assumed by the

STM.EXE is the run-time player for the new program
Stream Tracker which originates from the Far East. The
program plays AMIGA Sound Tracker files through an IBM
system, with the sound board of your choice (or none at
all!). The .STM file is played via four channel
polyphonic sound through:

o CMS Sound Blaster
o PC Speaker (!)
o Covox Sound Card

The recommended machine is a 286-8Mhz or faster,
but is selectable from the front-end menu.

The program can operate in the background, but may
"freak" a little during certain operations. This is
just a demo, but hopefully I will acquire the fully
operational version with the ability to compose and
save your own sounds and songs. As soon as I get this
version, I will update all information regarding this
most startling software breakthrough.

For the time being, though, just let this awesome
program speak [play] for itself!

--Pete Kowalsky
Telco Development Group, Inc.

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