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Set of .ROL songs JAZZ/ROCK.
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Set of .ROL songs JAZZ/ROCK.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
CHAMLEON.ROL 19339 1921 deflated
NOMANS.ROL 27137 2576 deflated
ROBYN2.ROL 25653 3689 deflated
YYZ.ROL 21187 2581 deflated
ZSONGS1.DOC 1852 848 deflated

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Contents of the ZSONGS1.DOC file

Zephyr Software presents:

Chameleon (CHAMLEON.ROL) - originally performed by Herbie Hancock
YYZ (YYZ .ROL) - orignally performed by Rush (without
drum solo or guitar solo)
Robyn (ROBYN2 .ROL) - written by Andrew Koransky
(Copyright 1991)
No Man's Land (NOMANS .ROL) - written by Andrew Koransky and
Words of Wisdom (TM) Copyright 1990

Converted to Adlib Composer by Andrew Koransky (no sheet music/tabs used!).

An old funky fusion tune by Herbie Hancock which still sound great
no matter what it is played on. Notice that this is only the beginning
half of the song without the keyboard solo and without the changes that
give the song the name Chameleon. Some of these changes are too hard to
pick up by ear and I don't have money for sheet music/tab.
Sorry Neil Peart!.. about the drums. They kinda bite the big one,
but I did the best I could using the Adlib's capabilities. You cannot
recreate drums realistically on a sythesizer, although many of today's
musicians think so.
Written by me with my girlfriend in mind who lives up north in the Boston
No Man's Land:
Written by me and my band, Words of Wisdom. About nothing in particular.
If you would like a copy of the Words of Wisdom tape, send $8.00 to the
address below. (Check made out to Andrew Koransky).

It takes time to create files like these! If you enjoy what you hear, send
any contribution to:
Andrew Koransky
6235 River Chase Circle
Atlanta, GA 30328

THANKS! And enjoy the files.

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