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Aleatoric Music Composer, use with Windows and MIDI.
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Aleatoric Music Composer, use with Windows and MIDI.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ALCOMP.EXE 314368 92184 deflated
ALCOMP.HLP 46706 32227 deflated
BWCC.DLL 152304 38221 deflated
CMAJOR.CMC 94 85 deflated
CMAJOR.MID 250 190 deflated
DRUMSOLO.CMC 628 295 deflated
DRUMSOLO.MID 4174 825 deflated
FOSTER.CMC 247 200 deflated
FOSTER.MID 336 232 deflated
FOSTER2.CMC 346 253 deflated
FOSTER2.MID 2950 617 deflated
FUN4THS.CMC 508 346 deflated
FUN4THS.MID 2915 564 deflated
PROGRAND.CMC 298 228 deflated
PROGRAND.MID 6088 1363 deflated
README.1ST 1801 902 deflated
REGISTER.WRI 3072 1149 deflated

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Contents of the README.1ST file

Thank you for trying out the Aleatoric Composer.
This package attempts to create music using random
and conditional probabilities according to parameters
you set.

This is a shareware product, but is fully functional (not cripple-ware).
If you like it I encourage you to register it (only US $1) and help
support future music software I'd like to create.

To run the program, you will need a 386SX or higher, Windows 3.1,
and a Sound Card or MIDI Card that has the appropriate drivers
loaded in Windows 3.1. You will also need to have the MIDI Mapper
(General MIDI) and the MCI Sequencer enabled. Or, you can save
the MIDI files and play them on your own sequencing software.
The Help file contains full instructions on using the system
as well as some troubleshooting tips on setting up.
Just hit F1 when you load the system.

Simply copy the files from the archive into a suitable directory
(e.g. c:\alcomp). Then, click on File-New from the Program Manager
in Windows and setup this system as a Program Item. Then use
browse or type in the file name (alcomp.exe) and default
directory. It should find the icon in the alcomp.exe file

The package should contain the following files:

readme.1stThe file you are reading
alcomp.exeThe actual file to run from Windows 3.1
bwcc.dllControl library necessary to run alcomp.exe
alcomp.hlpHelp file (for Windows 3.1)
register.wriRegistration form for Windows Write

cmajor.cmcSix example files to load and generate

cmajor.midSix example MIDI files generated from the above


Carl M. Christensen
[email protected]

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