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CD Player 1.05 for SBPRO CD-ROM from Creative.
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CD Player 1.05 for SBPRO CD-ROM from Creative.
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Contents of the CDP.DOC file

CD Player
Version 1.05
(c)copyright 1992
Brian E. Baker
170 N. Raymond Pl.
Boise, ID 83704

CDP is a Compact Disc player/data base for the Sound Blaster Pro.
This program should work with other CD players that have RED Book or
High-Sierra Group addressing capabilities, but it has only been tested
with the Creative Labs Sound Blaster Pro Multi Media Kit and the Toshiba
CD-ROM drive with an Adaptec 1540 SCSI card.


This product is provided "AS IS" without warranties of any kind. The
entire risk as to the results and performance of this program is assumed
by you the user. Further more, I the author do not warranty, guarantee, or
make any representations regarding the use of, or the result of the use
of this program. I the author cannot accept responsibility for system
damage, loss of profit or any other special, incidental, or consequential
damages resulting from the use or inability to use this product. In other
words, use this program at your own risk.

The only requirement is that 'AUXDRV.DRV' and 'CT-VOICE.DRV' are in
the '\SBPRO\DRV' directory. If your SOUND environment variable is other
than '\SBPRO' the program will still run as long as the drivers are in
the 'DRV' sub-directory of that path.

The program will store the CD data base in the directory specified
by the SOUND environment variable. If this variable does not exist
the data base will be created in the current directory. The file name
will be 'CDTITLES.CDP'. There will also be a file created to store
your memory settings. This file will be call 'CDMEMORY.CDP'.


Command Line Options:
PLAY [track/MEM] - Plays [track] if specified else plays track 1
- If MEM then CDP plays from stored memory
PAUSE - Pauses disc
CONTINUE - Continues Paused disc
STOP - Stops disc
VOL=x - Set master volume x min. = 0, x max. = 15
RED - Force RED Book addressing
HSG - Force High-Sierra Group addressing
? - Help screen

CDP Play 5 Quit - will play track 5 then exit CDP
CDP Play 5 Pasue - will pause at track 5 and leave CDP running
CDP Stop Quit - will stop disc and exit CDP
CDP Play 5 - will play track 5 and leave CDP running
CDP Pause - will pause at current disc position

CDP Commands:
H - Help
I - Program Info
P - Play
S - Stop
A - Pause/Continue
R - Rewind 10 sec.
F - Fast Forward 10 sec.
N - Next Track
L - Last Track
T - Track Menu
E - Edit Track Menu
D - Disk Library
M - Set Memory Menu
7 - Memory On/Off
8 - Repeat On/Off
Z - Screen Saver (will also come on after 10 min. of inactivity)

Sound Blaster Pro Commands
9 - Change Oscilloscope Source
/ - Change Oscilloscope Mono/Stereo
O - Oscilloscope On/Off (or move mouse into window)
X - Sound Blaster Pro Mixer Menu
1 - Left Vol. Up
2 - Left Vol. Down
3 - Right Vol. Up
4 - Right Vol. Down
5 - Both Vol. Up
6 - Both Vol. Down

The CDP105.ZIP file contains a trial version of CDP, when it expires
it will render itself useless. If you wish to get a registered version
of CDP send me a note at CIS 76711,740. The registration fee is
$25 U.S. dollars. Your name will be added to the list for future updates
at no extra cost. You may send a check or money order with your name
address and phone number to the above listed address.

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