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Gives Information about .MOD files.
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Gives Information about .MOD files.
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Contents of the MODINFO.DOC file

This is a [lame] program that will generate information about a
protracker module. The best way to use this is like this:

modinfo name.mod > name.inf

This will create a happy file named "name.inf" with all the goods in it.

modinfo name.mod | more

This is for those in a hurry, and that hate any kind of temp
file situation happening to them.

This program is extrememly freeware. Mail to me can get you the source.
The reason I'm not including it is because I want to see if anyone else
out there is as bored as I am, or as "into" mod-style music on the PC.

I can always use PAS16 stuff, modules, source for anything, etc.

Captain Sarcastic
[email protected]

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