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Latest SoundBlaster emulator program for the Gravis Ultrasound card.
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Latest SoundBlaster emulator program for the Gravis Ultrasound card.
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Contents of the README file

A d v a n c e d

Advanced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.

Tel (604) 431-5020 Tech (604) 431-1807
Fax (604) 435-9358 BBS (604) 431-5927 V32bis
Compuserve: GO PCVENB (71333,350) InterNET EMail: [email protected]
FidoNET: 1:153/978 or 1:153/878 SBCNET: 13:900/3
AOL: Adv Gravis Genie: Page M805 Topic 6

Copyright (C) 1993 by Advadced Gravis Computer Technology Ltd.
All Rights Reserved

SBOS V3.7B2 (GUS0036.ZIP) [12/25/93]

1.0 Installation Notes
2.0 About this Version
3.0 Revision History

1.0.0 Installation Notes

Backup your current SBOS directory and then delete the following files:


Now extract all files in this archive into your current SBOS directory.

Don't forget to remove 'SBOSDRV.EXE' and 'LOADSBOS.EXE' from your main
UltraSound directory and replace them with the new versions.

2.0.0 About this new SBOS version

2.1.0 About this Version of SBOS

Its been a long time since the last SBOS updated (06/25/93). Which
could be taken as a good sign 😉

This version of SBOS had the following new features and fixes:
- The way the -O1 switch works has been improved giving improved
emulation quality in Carmen Sandiego and Jill of the Jungle
- Fixed problems with:
Flight Sim 5
NHL Hockey
FPS football
Street Fighter II
- -O4 switch added for games with small DMA buffer sizes. ie:
NHL Hockey. This switch is new and is an experiment.
- Changes in code to improve compatibility in general

NOTE: Why call this V3.7? The version of SBOS that was shipped with
Flashback was called V3.6. So to prevent confusion we decided
to call this V3.7.

3.0.0 Revision History

3.1.0 SBOS V1.4B2 (03/07/93)

There have been MANY changes to SBOS over the last few months. Here
is a quick list for V1.4B2:

The .SBS files have been replaced by a single SBOSLIB.SBS
SBOS no longer interferes with Windows operations, and will
even re-load itself upon exiting Windows.
Improved compatibility
Sound quality improved

In general this is a COMPLETE re-write over previous versions.

3.2.0 SBOS V1.4B3 (03/10/93)

It has been about a week since we released V1.4B2 of SBOS. We have had
some very valuable feedback from you in that time. This version attempts
to address some of your problems and concerns.

The sound at the opening Ultima Underworlds II has been corrected
Problem with the -o3 option returning an incorrect error message
on some systems has been fixed.
The -Xx options are still required (-x1, -x2, and -x3). These
options are required by some programs that are expecting certain
return values. For example: Most Sierra games require a -x2 switch.
There is now a -l switch which will tell SBOS to turn on line in
Fixed problems with some games playing incorrect sounds. Have
improved SBOS sound selection.

3.3.0 SBOS V2.02 (03/14/93)

On Sunday March 14th we made available a complete new disk set (5 x 1.44Mb)
which was almost ready to ship, V2.02. It seems in the rush some problems
crept into SBOS. Namely a problem with digitized sound effects if you were
running the EMM386 memory manager on a 486 computer. For the most part this
version was the same as V1.4B3 except it had changes in the SBOSLIB.SBS.

3.4.0 SBOS V2.04 (04/02/93)

Ok, V2.02 had some bugs in it, V2.04 fixes them. Also, we have figured
out why XWing was working on some computers and not others. You'll now
get great digitized speech out of the game. SBOS now supports multiple
digitized sound channels which should help with sounds being cut off
in mid-stream. We have tried this version on about 50 games and it
seems quite stable. We'll probably be shipping this version out to
all the registered owners. So lets hope we got this one right!

3.5.0 SBOS V2.0B6 (04/31/93)

What is different in SBOS 2.0B6?

You can now keep a database of games that require switches in
SBOS.CFG. To maintain this database we have included SBOSCFG.EXE.

There are not that many games that require switches. So don't go
switch crazy .

In some games the background music drowned out all others sounds.
This has been fixed.

I would like to hear back from those of you who have found games that
require switches with this new SBOS. Please fill out BETA-TST.TXT and
FAX/EMail it back to me.

We are planning on shipping this SBOS with the upgrade mail out.

3.6.0 SBOS V2.0B7 (05/10/93)

Same as V2.0B6 but fixes that Load High problem. Seems SOME computers
could not load V2.0B6 high. We WANT to include this with the update
package. But don't want to mail out 15,000 upgrades only to find SBOS
had a problem. So we are relying on you to report any problems with
this version ASAP. If everything is ok. You'll see the mail out happen

3.7.0 SBOS V2.0B7 (05/20/93)

Fixes digital audio problems with V2.0B7. This is the version that is
shipping with the V2.06 disk sets.

3.8.0 SBOS V2.0B8 (06/25/93)

This version should be more tolerant of Prince of Persia 2 and XWing.
In theory of course . I have not personally tried it with XWing,
but I am now getting all the digital speech in PP2. One other thing that
has changed is I have taken the following line out of SBOS.CFG,
"PRINCE.EXE -O1". The -O1 switch is only required for PP1, and it may
cause problems with PP2, if you try and use it.

We are releasing this as a beta so please fill out BETA-TST.TXT and
let us know what you think.

IMPORTANT (06/10/93)

Seems I was mistaken about PP2. The problems weren't do to the -O1
switch but to EMM386. Haven't tried it with other memory managers,
but if you don't remove EMM386 the game will hang as soon as you
get to the quick sand (just past the ship).

3.9.0 SBOS V2.0B10 (06/25/93)

We are doing a coupon deal with Interplay for Flashback. This game
doesn't have native GUS support but uses SBOS. Seems none of the
older versions of SBOS ran with this game. So we had to patch it with
a new version of SBOS. Hence SBOS V2.0B10 was born.


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