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Midi file to mod file converter. Includes C source code.
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Midi file to mod file converter. Includes C source code.
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BLANK.MAP 0 0 stored
LICENSE.TXT 2222 1048 deflated
MIDIMOD.C 35584 9408 deflated
MIDIMOD.DOC 18305 6826 deflated
MIDIMOD.EXE 49366 29577 deflated
MIDIMOD.H 4597 1809 deflated
MIDIMOD.INS 3336 1430 deflated
MIDIMOD.MAP 1733 635 deflated
MOD-FORM.TXT 14806 5155 deflated
READ.ME 701 404 deflated
TEXTWIN.C 14031 4431 deflated
TEXTWIN.H 1288 578 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

MIDIMOD ver 0.1

MIDIMOD converts Amiga MODules to general format 1 MIDI files. Most
effects are converted (including slides, delays, and tempo). Source code
is available (ANSI C).. it probably came with this file. MIDIMOD uses
a semi-intuitive drop-down menuing environment, and most of its features
are automated.

Files in the MIDIMOD package:
midimod.exe Executable
midimod.ins Instrument file
midimod.map Info file
blank.map Blank info file
midimod.doc MIDIMOD Documentation
license.txt License agreement
mod-form.txt Complete Amiga module format
midimod.c |
textwin.c |- Source code
midimod.h |
textwin.h |

Andrew Scott
INTERNET:[email protected]

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