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ROL file music player for Adlib or Sound Blaster.
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ROL file music player for Adlib or Sound Blaster.
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Contents of the SSG.DOC file

*** Super Sound Gram For Ad Lib Music Cards ***

Document for recent Public Domain version 1.05
Most powerful, fantastic and easy-to-use rol file player - SSG

Hello, PC musicians!

This is a another Ad Lib's rol file player, Super Sound Gram.
But it has a fantasic view(really!), and very fast file loading speed.
So, It requires VGA and of course, Ad Lib Music Card or Sound Blaster.
It handles rol file very flexibly, and all rol type format files can
be loaded speedy and safely.

This prg is very easy to use, and use menu-driven method, so you can
enjoy your song files in fantastic environments! ๐Ÿ™‚

1. Features

* It has a fantastic status of view, you can easily know that which
part of song is played - it supplies rol file's measure status scrolling
from left to right. This is very important and unique feature of SSG.

* It has menu-driven user interface, you can collect a specific rol file
by using arrow keys and press Enter or Space bar, rol file being played.

* Any sound bank, SSG can load. bank's instruments limitation is up to
2000 ins. so, many conventional banks can loaded safely.

* Bank auto-detect feauture. If you have couple of banks, SSG detect
first available bank, you can choose your specific bank by pressing
arrow keys in menu screen.

2. Requirements

* IBM PC/XT/AT/386/486/586..

* Of course, Ad Lib Sound card or Sound Blaster card.

* Hard disk recommended(for faster loading speed..).

3. Usage

SSG's usage is very easy to know.

copy SSG.EXE into a subdirectory(e.g. C:\SSG).

C:\SSG>Sound <-- Ad Lib's sound driver loading
C:\SSG>SSG <-- SSG loading

then, choose your rol file and press Enter or Space bar in memu screen.
You can see fantastic and perfect view of rol files.

In main view screen, you can see each channel's used instruments
and each channel's pitch graphic bars(horizontal), tempo graphic bar
(vertical), moving rol file status graphic analyzer scoping bar.
If rol file has variations of pitch or tempo, you can see great view of
moving bars. Enjoy! ๐Ÿ™‚


If you have any questions, contact me(uploader, not author).
I'll send your messages to author, I promise.

* USA & World

Channel 1 : Taeho Kwon
Exec-PC : Taeho Kwon
Internet : [email protected]

* South Korea

PC-Serve : +82-2-792-0123 ID : yuri
KETEL : +82-2-312-2868 ID : yuri
KT-MAiL : +82-2-790-7000 ID : yuri

5. Copyrights and others

* SSG is not a shareware, it is a FREEWARE, but unautorized modification
is prohibited.

* The author, gammii can't use international communication like me,
and my case, it also costs REALLY much money to access abroad or
USA etc..(sigh). If you have some compassions to us, send me mails
about good services in USA, or so and I'd appreciate it.

* Ad Lib is a trade mark of Ad Lib Inc.

* Sound Blaster is a trade mark of Creative Labs, Inc.

6. History

* v1.00 test version - 1991/09/18
First test and beta version.
Had many download counts(In South Korea).

* v1.00 Public Domain release - 1992/01/17
Many changes in displaying modes and messages(great changes).
Some changes in keyboard usage(minor changes).
Supports On-Line-Help(you'll feel easier to use).
Supports Calculation of each rol file's playing time.
Supports LZH-type-archived rol file(you can save your disk spaces!).
Supports quick find of rol file.
Supports User-defined menu color.
Supports Tag/Untag of rol file.

* v1.05 minor bugs fixed release
fixed a serious bug that delete all files in root directory(sorry, sorry).
fixed some internal bugs - not so serious, take it easy! ๐Ÿ™‚

Coding by gammii
Debugging / Design suggestions by yuri
Documentation by yuri

<*** End of File ***>

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