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Wave after Wave 2.0 for Windows is a program to play wave and MIDI files one after another.
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Wave after Wave 2.0 for Windows is a program to play wave and MIDI files one after another.
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Contents of the WAVAWAV.TXT file

Wave after Wave 2.0 for Windows is a shareware program to play wave and MIDI
files. Wave after Wave 2.0 requires Windows 3.1 and a sound driver. It's
written in Turbo Pascal for Windows for anyone who is interested.

2.0 changes
Wave After Wave now plays MIDI files as easy as wave files, you can even
play CD Audio tracks from your CD-ROM drive. As in version 1.5 you must
have the proper sound hardware and drivers to play wave, MIDI, and CD Audio.

For best results copy the files in WavAWav.Zip into your Windows
directory, or wherever you keep most of your .WAV files. Use
the Program Manager FILE|NEW menu command and choose Program Item to
create an icon for WavAWav.EXE.

I got tired of doing the FILE|OPEN thing, over and over every time I
downloaded more wave and MIDI files. Now I have a directory called NewWave
where I put all the new wave files that I've downloaded. Then I run Wave
after Wave and press the AUTO PLAY Button that plays all the wave files in
the selected directory starting at the top or at the currently selected file.
You can play individual wave or MIDI files by pressing the PLAY button or by
double clicking on the file name in the list box.

Wave after Wave 2.0 also supports Windows 3.1's drag and drop features.
You can drag wave files from the File Manager onto Wave after Wave's
running icon or window and they will be played.

You may also want to associate the ".WAV" file extension with WavAWav.EXE.
Then when you double click on .WAV or .MID files in the File Manager Wave
after Wave will automatically play that file. See your Windows manuals for
help on associating file extensions or on-line help.

You may distribute this program however you like, as long as you don't
make any money from it or change it in anyway. This file MUST accompany
the program file.


Change Directory Button Changes the current directory and fills the list box
with all wave or MIDI files from the current

Play ButtonPlays a single wave or MIDI file, or a CD Audio Track

Auto Play ButtonPlays wave or MIDI files one after another starting
at selected file or the top of the list if no file
is selected.

Stop/Resume ButtonStops playing the current file or track.
Resumes playing a stopped MIDI file.

Delete ButtonDeletes the selected wave or MIDI file.

Recorder ButtonBrings up your favorite sound recorder with the
selected wave file, if the recorder supports command
line file openings.

Show OptionWhen checked, this option displays the Wave After
Wave window when double-clicking on a wave or MIDI
file in the File Manager(provided you've associated
".WAV", ".MID", and ".RMI" with Wave After Wave).

Auto Play on StartupTriggers the Auto Play button when you start Wave
After Wave. Great for when you put Wave After Wave
in the Startup group in Program Manager.

Loop OptionWhen checked, and the Auto Play button is pressed,
Auto Play will continue to play and start over at
the top of the list after playing the last wave
or MIDI file or CD track in the list.

RandomShuffles the order that the files or tracks will be
played in.

Choose RecorderLets you choose the sound recorder that will be
activated when you press the Recorder Button
described above.

Audio Type MenuChoose the types of files you want to listen to.
Wave After Wave 2.0 now plays wave and MIDI files.
If you have a CD-ROM Drive and the proper sound
drivers' you can also play tracks from audio CDs.

Help Contents MenuBrings up the on-line help system which goes into
more detail than the above descriptions.


Wave After Wave is a shareware program. It is not free. If after using
Wave After Wave for a reasonable amount of time, you decide you like it
please register your copy. Registration is $15. Please see the topic
"Registration" in the on-line help for details on how to register.

Thank You!
Ben Saladino


If you find any bugs or have any questions, suggestions, or comments
please let me know by writing me a note at any of the following addresses.

Ben Saladino

CompuServe: 71052,2416
US Mail: 660 West Oak St. Hurst, TX 76053-5526

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