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BASIC Files from The Programmer's Corner
File Name File Size Date Created Description
123QB11.ZIP71406Dec 1 1989123-Write is a collection of sub programs that will write a Lotus 1-2-3 file from within a QuickBASIC 4.0+ or BASCOM 6.0+ program.
130COLOR.ZIP3789Oct 26 1988Reprogram your CGA card for 130 colors w/ BASIC source.
3D4VB.ZIP14237Feb 4 19923D effects example written in Visual Basic.
3DEXP.ZIP5827May 22 1992Source code in QuickBASIC for 3-D animation.
3DGRAFII.ZIP3386Dec 12 19923-D Graph II is a QuickBasic graphing program used to generate 3-dimensional graphs or funtion plots.
3D_BOXES.ZIP1952Aug 23 1992Quick Basic source for 3D windows.
5PAK20.ZIP107138Sep 3 19935 new controls for Visual Basic.
AABAS20.ZIP39599Nov 3 1994AABas 2.0, the Affordable Alternative BASIC library, a library of over 75 miscellaneous assembly language routines for use with QuickBasic 4.0-4.5. No assembler needed. Excellent beginning library. Sources available che
ADDMENU4.ZIP47481Jul 7 1992AddMenu is designed to let you add options to your system menus. Includes Visual Basic source code.
ADDRESS.ZIP27905Jul 5 1993This is an application which demonstrates Visual Basic V3.0's database features. It may prove useful to developers who find VB's documentation lacking in code examples. Retrieved from MSBasic forum on CServe.
ADLPLAY2.ZIP128735Nov 9 1989Adlib code to read and play BNK files. QB source code is included along with ASM code. A neat demo and ROL song included. Requires Adlib board.
AH-DAT.ZIP51555Apr 8 1993An update to the data files for API Helper 3.0 for Visual Basic. This update includes more calls and constants for the SHELL.DLL library.
AH20.ZIP111775Feb 28 1993Visual Basic 2.0 for Windows API helper from Compuserve. Provides help for all current API's allows quick paste directly into code editor.
AH30.ZIP122866Apr 5 1993API Helper 3.0 - an application that provides all the Windows 3.1 API declarations to use with Visual Basic.
ALGEBRA1.ZIP11942Oct 13 1988Interactive algebra tutor part 1 with BASIC source.
ALGEBRA2.ZIP16454Dec 3 1987Interactive algebra tutor part 2 with BASIC source.
ALIB.ZIP73233Nov 24 1990PowerBasic routines for data entry, date entry, text windows, popup windows, multiple windows, increment or decrement date with arrow keys, numeric entry, etc.
ALTBC553.ZIP322191May 8 1993Basic function Lib - Basic PDS version.
ALTQB555.ZIP330158Sep 18 1993Basic function lib - Quick Basic Version.
ALTVB103.ZIP324317May 8 1993Basic function lib - Visual Basic version.
ANAGLPH.ZIP5392Oct 25 1991Basic source code for 3D computer generated anaglyphs, from Dec91/Jan92 Computer Applications Journal.
ANGEL18C.ZIP214152Jan 6 1993PDS/BC 7.1 library for BASIC software development. Over 60 high-level routines such as a scrollable information window and a file selection window - both with mouse support - and printer functions.
ANGELLIB.ZIP242117May 18 1993ANGELIB 1.9a PDS/BASIC 7.1 programming library. Over 60 routines such as a horizontal bar menu, scrolling information window, and a file selection window (all with mouse support) and printer functions such as soft font sel
APBAS12.ZIP125508Feb 23 1989Very interesting Quick Basic compiler clone. It really works!.
APIBK.ZIP17122Jun 14 1993List of revisions to the new Visual Basic 3.0 Edition of the "Visual Basic Programmers Guide to the Window API" compiled by the author. In .RTF (Rich Text Format).
APIHELPR.ZIP126684Mar 9 1993Allows quick access to the Windows API definitions and pastes them into Visual Basic.
APIX.ZIP28153Apr 27 1992Utility which provides reference access to the Windows API (Declares, Constants, Types, VB Constants). Full VB source provided.
ARCREAD.ZIP1584Feb 17 1988An example of how to access information stored in .ARC Files using Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.0
ASIC400.ZIP262683Apr 18 1993ASIC is a "BASIC" programming language compiler. It includes an integrated screen editor/debugger and command line compiler.
ASICIDEA.ZIP5597Apr 16 1993Source code to demo ASIC 400 compiler.
ASIZE.ZIP7863Nov 14 1992Automatically resize controls as windows change (Visual Basic).
ASYLIB11.ZIP78012Oct 31 1988AsyLIB is a complete set of primitives for developing telecommunications programs and utilites from QuickBASIC.
B-WINW.ZIP62993Jan 23 1989B-WINDOW is a collection of functions that give windowing capability to BASIC. Very nice library that includes source code.
BAS2FOR.ZIP6934Feb 10 1986Basic to Fortran Translator.
BAS2MASM.ZIP28023Nov 30 1989Text file that explains how Microsoft BASIC compiled programs can pass parameters to and from Microsoft Macro Assembler (MASM) programs.
BAS2QB20.ZIP51990Jun 24 1991Change GW-Basic source code to Quick Basic source code. Ver 2.0.
BAS2SB.ZIP52264Jan 19 1988Standard BASIC to structured BASIC converter.
BASCOM.ZIP3453Oct 31 1987Turbo Basic's ON COMM serial data telecommunication routines
BASCREEN.ZIP4398Nov 4 1988Create professional data entry screens with these CALLable QB routines.
BASDX172.ZIP58344Mar 3 1988Deluxe BASIC library - last PD version.
BASFONT1.ZIP18854Jul 13 1994A lib file made and tested in QuickBasic 4.5 for truely scalable fonts in basic brought into being by the maker of Galactic Battles(tank ga battlish game).
BASFRM13.ZIP89653Jul 4 1992DavisWARE Basic Formatter v1.3. The ULTIMATE Basic formatting tool of the 90's. Converts GW-Basic to QB & PB format, as well as, formatting QB/PB code as well.
BASHELP.ZIP3456Oct 28 1989Information on how to interface BTrieve with Basic.
BASIC-71.ZIP3054Aug 5 1990Product Announcement for Microsoft Basic 7.1.
BASIC-C.ZIP37823Jan 6 1991A Basic interpreter written entirely in "C". It can be used as a learning tool for writting your own interpreter or just to see how things are done. By Michael Lavett.
BASICBAS.ZIP440049Apr 18 1994Basic compiler will compile in dos or windows, updated version.
BASICCLS.ZIP24743Mar 4 1990BASIC language course in PC-Write format (ASCII with some formatting codes).
BASICDOC.ZIP6456May 25 1986List of common BASIC peek and poke locations.
BASNET10.ZIP18808Mar 17 1993Info on BasNet, a network of BASIC-related topics.
BASNET6.ZIP15510Jan 2 1993Network of Basic Programmers.
BASQUIZ.ZIP23516Nov 28 1989100 question quiz for BASIC programmers. Better know your stuff!.
BASSUBS.ZIP8788Nov 14 1987A few QBasic routines that access the screen and keyboard.
BASTOC.ZIP29313Jun 1 1990A Basic to C source code converter.
BASUPD20.ZIP31302Nov 5 1994BASIC Update library: add new statements from PDS 7.x and Visual BASIC to your QuickBASIC programs. Includes libraries, full source code. By Tom Hanlin.
BASWIND4.ZIP19491Dec 29 1987Windowing utility for Quick Basic 4.
BASWIZ30.ZIP194390Nov 5 1994Basic Wizard's Library v3.0. More than 500 routines for MS BASIC compilers: BCD and fraction math, .BMP read/write, millisecond timer, telecomm, graphics from Herc to SVGA and Epson to HP printer, equation solver. By Tom H
BAS_INT1.ZIP46608Jul 21 1991Collection of Quick Basic programs using Interrupt & InterruptX to make DOS function calls.
BAUDRATE.ZIP1483Jun 15 1989Short sample of Quick BASIC code that traps and returns baud rate.
BB.ZIP30106Jan 6 1990Berlinetta Basic. A BASIC with the ability to write memory resident programs, TSRs, with extreme ease.
BC7CTAIL.ZIP17296Mar 19 1990Microsoft BASIC 7.0 source to fetch command tail as mixed case.
BC7DT.ZIP18739Mar 19 1990Microsoft BASIC 7.0 source that will generate a time stamp that can be redirected into a log file.
BC7EQGET.ZIP7360Mar 27 1990Microsoft BASIC 7.0 source for getting equipment data.
BC7FREE.ZIP10748Mar 27 1990Microsoft BASIC 7.0 source code for simple disk space utility.
BC7STUB.ZIP23435Mar 15 1990Microsoft BASIC source that will determine what stubs your program is using. Useful for optimizing file EXE size.
BCODE.ZIP3567Dec 25 1985This program will generate standard 3-of-9 bar code on any Epson dot matrix printer. Basic source code is included.
BDIR.ZIP28824Jun 21 1990Example BASIC source that shows how to read directories using INT 21.
BFEDT111.ZIP74980Sep 4 1991Basic File Editor - use to read BASIC random access TYPEd data files. A very useful program.
BIOSCOLR.ZIP67270Jan 3 1994BIOScolor programmer's utility for PowerBASIC 3.0x. Provides complete control over color selection for VGA. Experiment with saved screens, generate a complete PB routine to merge with your source code.
BITS_DLL.ZIP11057Apr 14 1992Bit and Byte-wise operands for Visual Basic and other DLL capable Windows Products.
BKINPQB.ZIP25970Aug 11 1990Quick Basic library that supports formatted numerical input.
BPP10.ZIP52896Nov 8 1991BASIC PreProcessor 1.0 for almost any BASIC compiler or interpreter. Allows conditional compilation, text substitution, underscores in variable names, flexible include files (even for QBASIC), and more.
BPREP110.ZIP19586Nov 5 1991Basic Preprocessor version 1.10.
BPTB11.ZIP97060Sep 7 1992The Basic Programmer's Toolbox is a collection of over 70 routines and functions to help the Basic programmer bring their projects to completion quickly and easily.
BPWINDOW.ZIP24463Jan 1 1980DOS window programs from latest issue of BASICPro magazine, converted to PowerBASIC from QuickBASIC source in magazine. Not as quick as ASM windows, but gives good info on theory of window usage in DOS programs. Source a
BUGS.ZIP26792Mar 3 1990The complete list of bugs and quirks for QuickBASIC (includes v4.5).
BV0687.ZIP5654Nov 12 1992Microsoft document on how to use Call Interrupt in BASIC.
BV1.ZIP37157Jan 15 1993Basically Visual Issue 1 (.HLP fmt magazine).
BV2.ZIP145948Feb 1 1993Basically Visual Issue 2 (.HLP fmt magazine).
BW19FIX.ZIP1132May 21 1993BasWiz 1.9 Fix: replacement for MEMORY.OBJ file, fixing bug in memory routines. Download if you have BasWiz 1.9 and use the memory routines.
BWB110E.ZIP71919Oct 27 1992Bywater BASIC Interpreter/Shell Version 1.10 (executable).
BWB110S.ZIP104069Oct 27 1992Bywater BASIC Interpreter/Shell Version 1.10 (C source).
BWTOOL01.ZIP25281Apr 16 1987Tools for quick basic 4.0.
BWTOOL02.ZIP8575Feb 16 1988Another set of tools cor quick basic 4.0.
C2QB.ZIP2929Jul 23 1988Access Quickbasic routines ÿfrom C.
CALLIDS.ZIP494179Mar 11 1994Visual Basic V3.0 Program for Windows that makes use of Caller ID. You must have this service in order to run the program.
CANEDIT2.ZIP31055Jan 4 1992QuickBASIC source code for an input editor.
CAPSTAT.ZIP4420Mar 13 1991See if Novell Capture spool is open. QB Source included.
CARD10.ZIP36338Sep 25 1991Visual Basic playing card DLL and sample code. Write your own card games that share bitmap reasources.
CDITQ21.ZIP258527May 28 1992CODE-IT 2.1 includes complete QBasic library modules for building menus and windows.
CHARLIE.ZIP308295Feb 14 1994Charlie 2.1 is a Tool for VB 3.0 (and MS Access) users who need to develop MS Access databases for their applications. Build, Rename, and Delete Tables, Fields, Querys, and Indexes. Must have for serious development.
CHKCRC.ZIP2663May 16 1987Checksum & CRC calculator in Turbo Basic w/inline code.
CHRONOS.ZIP31776Apr 2 1987BASIC source code for a time and date calculator. You need a compiler.
CLPSIB.ZIP12898Nov 3 1991Superimpose controls in Visual Basic.
CMDLG2.ZIP11786Aug 10 1992Using common dialogs from Visual Basic.
COM2DATA.ZIP5664Jun 11 1990This creates a text file suitable for using as data statements from a basic program. Any .COM file can be called from your basic program with help from this freeware.
COMMDEM2.ZIP56074Feb 4 1992Sample Visual Basic code to illustrate programming and accessing COM ports from within VB programs.
COMPRES2.ZIP4581Jan 7 1994For PowerBASIC 3.0: compress, save, & restore VGA/EGA screens in modes 10h and 12h.
COMTOBAS.ZIP2260Apr 30 1984Convert com programs to Basic.
CONTRL30.ZIP46060Jun 1 1993Quickbasic Control Center 3.0, The ULTIMATE TOOL for Quickbasic programmers. Format, Backup, Print, Delete, Remove Comments or REM Statements to save space at compile time, or even keep a database of your Quickbasic progra
CPVB22.ZIP89978Jan 19 1993Code.Print for Visual Basic creates presentation quality Visual Basic source code printouts.
CRCBAS.ZIP3198Oct 4 1988Generates CRC value for a string. All in Quick Basic.
CRCBASIC.ZIP2807Aug 1 1991Quick Basic source to calculate CRC value.
CRESC_NU.ZIP360228Nov 15 1989This is Crescent Software's DEMO disk (11-15-89) of it's QuickPak Pro, P.D.Q. and QuickScreen. Also contains a list of QuickPak Pro's routines and arguments - handy for a quick reference.
CROSSREF.ZIP22589Jan 1 1980Cross reference program for Basic, written in Basic.
CURMAN.ZIP8427Sep 12 1992Visual Basic cursor manager - find, hide and move cursors.
CZLIS110.ZIP200122Oct 29 1994CzarList v1.10 VBDOS Custom Controls. Most powerful custom control.
DATABA.ZIP11979May 21 1989Sample database and index routines in Qbasic 4.5.
DATTIM.ZIP24589Nov 4 1991Visual Basic Program with source that displays Date and Time in various formats.
DD1A.ZIP3527Apr 19 1992DD1A is a Visual Basic program that demonstrates how to use Windows's Drap & Drop capabilities in Visual Basic. Source only, no EXE.
DDSRV.ZIP10857Aug 9 1992Visual Basic file to allow drag and drop capability.
DECGIF3.ZIP13876Aug 6 1992DECGIF.BAS- A PDS 7.1 & QB4.5 GIF Decompressor With Some Assembly By Rich Geldreich 1992 .
DESIGNER.ZIP226456Jun 25 1994PBGUI Designer 1.0 A screen design and source code creator for use with the PBGUI Toolkit 3.00. Eliminates the need to write any source code to create the toolkit screens.
DESMODUL.ZIP17352Mar 19 1986DES Standard Encryption Algorithm in BASIC.
DEVIL.ZIP51667Dec 17 1986Basic source to a fun card game. Nice programming algorithms.
DIALOGIC.ZIP253136Jan 31 1990A powerful, fully-customizable dialog box utility for QuickBASIC 4.x; allows creation of Microsoft-like dialog boxes; includes .QLB file, 200000-byte user's manual, and demo.
DLGCDEMO.ZIP118701Jun 10 1990Dialog Software's DiaLogic demo/tutorial. Shows how a top-notch user interface can be created in QuickBASIC.
DNALIB40.ZIP131467Nov 17 1993Library for PowerBASIC 3.x. Includes all source code. Text window routines, data entry routines, drop down, vertical and horizontal menus.
DOORPCH.ZIP135953Jan 19 1990Library and run time for writing door programs in QuickBasic for PCBoard Bulletin Boards.
DOSCPDQ.ZIP15009Nov 6 1991QBasic source of DOS Function calls. Requires P.D.Q. to compile.
DOSCQB45.ZIP45657May 15 1991Source of DOS function calls. Requires Quick Basic 4.X to compile.
DRWIND.ZIP10993Jul 9 1988Dr windows alternative windowing package for turbo basic.
DS40BPDS.ZIP229491Jun 13 1992Door Source v4.0b, nice Quick Basic door routines.
DS40BQB.ZIP179046Jun 11 1992Door Source 4.0 - Source code in Quick Basic to make doors for BBS's.
DSKINF.ZIP2992Aug 13 1992DLL to get disk info from Visual Basic.
DTRPTCH3.ZIP2546May 16 1987Patch DTR for QBasic Libraries.
DTRQB4.ZIP902Dec 26 1987Patch QBasic 4 DTR fix.
DUMPSCR.ZIP1984Apr 9 1989QuickBasic 4.0 source code that will do a graphics or text screen dump to an Epson, IBM Proprinter, or HP LaserJet printer.
DVINTQB.ZIP1950May 6 1991Make your QuickBasic/ QuickC/ or other .LIB based compiler programs DesqView Aware.
DWARCS12.ZIP66118Apr 1 1993DWArcs version 1.2 - Library for PowerBASIC 3.0a/2.1f that will read in file list data from within archives.
DWSCRN12.ZIP235490Apr 1 1993DW:Screen version 1.2 - Library for PowerBASIC 3.0a/2.1f that will produce fantastic screen effects on your computer as well as powerful command for grabbing and restoring screens, windows, and converting a screen into a i
EBASIC.ZIP45456Sep 11 1985This BASIC compiler was written by Gordon Eubanks, Jr., who developed it as part of his PhD dissertation at the Naval Postgraduate School.
EDIT-QB.ZIP28479May 23 1991QuickBASIC and assembly source code for an edit window.
EDT.ZIP1833Nov 12 1991A nifty little Basic line editor which returns exit-codes. Can be modified for use on full-screen inputs. Source code only.
EMEDIT.ZIP336700Nov 15 1993The Early Morning Editor Control is a text editor control for Visual Basic that can handle large amounts of text.
EMSFILES.ZIP2917Jul 5 1992Demo of PBWiz EMS routines (source code for PowerBasic compiler). Reads files into EMS and writes them back out again.
ENTASK.ZIP3981Aug 1 1992DLL callable from Visual Basic to end a task.
ENUMFO.ZIP20013Sep 19 1991The DLL allows Visual Basic to call Windodws API function EnumFonts.
ERRLVLM.ZIP2193Jan 12 1989Add ERROR LEVEL programming to QuickBasic Programs.
ETHAN.ZIP3178Nov 3 1991List of corrections to the first printing of "Basic Techniques and Utilities" by Ethan Winer, published by Ziff Press.
EXECSRCE.ZIP33074Mar 23 1985Source code to EXECPC.
EXEDIR.ZIP2012Feb 17 1991Find directory that EXE is running from. Quick Basic source code.
EZHELP.ZIP8103Dec 14 1991Create help files in Visual Basic.
EZW1V30A.ZIP159916Jun 5 1991Basic windowing routines for Quick Basic 4.0 and 4.5.
EZWINDO1.ZIP144680Jan 19 1991A Complete Menu System library for the QuickBasic 4.x Compiler.
FASTCOMM.ZIP6775Jan 26 1986Fast ASM comm routines written for Basic by Phil Katz.
FDTR45.ZIP1804Jan 31 1989Fix DTR drop problem w/QBasic 4.5. Debug script.
FETCHERR.ZIP2228Nov 24 1991Retrieve DOS Errorlevel for shelled program. Quick Basic+ASM source code.
FILBX2.ZIP8670Dec 5 1991Visual Basic Open File Dialog Example.
FILEEXST.ZIP4361Dec 15 1989Quick Basic source code that checks to see if a file exists.
FLESHOFF.ZIP3688Feb 28 1991Generate normal distribution number sequences given N and MEAN. Based on the procedure by Fleshler and Hoffman. BASIC source code included.
FNTLD.ZIP3210May 22 1993QuickBasic $include file to allow scalable, rotated fonts.
FNTLOAD.ZIP3210May 22 1993FontLoad ver 1.0 for QB. Scalable and rotatable graphic font util, easily included into other programs.
FONBOOK.ZIP85150Jan 1 1980An example of interfacing Novell's Btrieve to PowerBASIC. This is a simple little Phone Book, with source included.
FOSSIL45.ZIP29026Jun 25 1992Fossil driver interface for QuickBASIC communications.
FPLOT.ZIP3140Jan 20 1986BASIC source that will plot various functions.
FREERAM.ZIP1629Dec 2 1989Quick Basic source to display conventional Ram available.
FUELGA.ZIP3751Jan 6 1993Fuel guage-style percent-complete indicator for Visual Basic for DOS.
FXTOOL.ZIP418043Sep 22 1993F/X tool image library (.VBX) demo for Visual Basic.
GEODEM.ZIP55846Jul 17 1992Visual Basic source for 3D graphics.
GETCPU.ZIP2331Aug 30 1990ID your CPU chip with this assembler code with BASIC interface.
GETFILE.ZIP9145Jan 1 1980QuickBasic function for selection files. Source code and demo exe file.
GETINTGR.ZIP2363Dec 9 1990Quick Basic source for getting integer input from the keyboard.
GETNETAD.ZIP4288Mar 13 1991Get address of node on Novell Network. QB Source included.
GETNUM.ZIP27226Mar 1 1993This is a routine for quickbasic 4.5. It inputs dates, phone numbers, and zip codes, and is editable. (like Christy Gemmell's Revinput routine). I wrote this because I could not fine exactly what I needed.
GFDEMO.ZIP46268Nov 11 1989GFDEMO is a demo of GFONTS, a graphic fonts toolbox for QuickBASIC programmers. GFONTS contains 58 graphic fonts. You'll need at least an EGA to run GFDEMO.
GFONTS40.ZIP101656Nov 5 1991GFONTS is a package of 87 graphic fonts in either QuickBASIC or assembly language for use in your QB programs.
GRAFWZ15.ZIP77757Feb 11 1991The Graphics Wizard's Library for BASIC. Provides smaller, faster graphics for BASIC, plus some new capabilities including PrintScreen, read .MAC file, flip GET/PUT image, draw polygon, etc.
GRID2.ZIP21968Jul 21 1991Grid example written in Visual Basic.
GS-XXXXX.ZIP49932Sep 28 1987GS - BASIC Optimizing Utilities. Will unnumber and renumber source.
GUI200.ZIP143000Jul 19 1993Graphical user interface for PowerBasic.
HEXTODEC.ZIP825Jan 1 1980This file contains the source code in QuickBasic (4.5) to convert any base number in the range of base 2 to base 16 to decimal.
HUFFMAN2.ZIP7540Jun 1 1992Huffman compression for Quick Basic.
HUGARY.ZIP33069Apr 2 1992Allows you to use Huge Arrays in Visual Basic (WIN).
HUGEARAY.ZIP16895May 30 1991DLL provides huge array support for Visual BASIC. C source code included (requires SDK to recompile). From Microsoft.
HUGEGR.ZIP9980Aug 2 1991This is a sample application that illustrates the coding needed to use a Huge Array in conjunction with a Grid Control using Visual Basic.
HUMBLE.ZIP34842Nov 28 1987A large collection of useful Quick Basic routines. Includes source.
HUNT.ZIP35377Jul 30 1990A program that will search ALLFILES.LST (From this BBS) for a keyword. Quick Basic 4.0 source included.
HYPDEMO.ZIP138642Jun 1 1992HYPATIA Programmer's Tools demonstration. For Basic Programmers.
IBRARY30.ZIP47763Nov 5 1994IBRARY 3.0 library for the ASIC 4.00 compiler. Over 200 assembly-language routines of all types (assembler not required). Shareware by Tom Hanlin.
ICOXTR.ZIP1731May 19 1992Visual Basic Source code showing how to extract Icons from exe's DLL's etc.
IDOOR20.ZIP217223Jun 27 1993INSTA-DOOR [TEXT] v2.0 QB/VBDOS/PDS door developer library. Ansi/Avatar, Pop up menus, dialog boxes, ansi music, non standard irq's & port address, etc.
IDVB.ZIP8282Oct 23 1991Find Windows ID's of controls and labels in Visual Basic.
IMB9201.ZIP4140Dec 18 1991Inside Microsoft Basic Version 0192.
IMGBLD.ZIP62720Nov 24 1989Image Builder is a Quickbasic graphic utility for creating images, fonts, icons or anything else that fits in this category.
IN-SORT.ZIP3065Sep 1 1986Sort and input routines in BASIC.
INDEX.ZIP24348Aug 31 1987A set of file indexing routines for QuickBasic.
INICON.ZIP12651Jun 23 1993Visual Basic 3.0 Custom Control for .INI File Access.
INIMOD.ZIP3624Jun 9 1992Visual Basic For Windows module that will create, update, read, Windows INI files. Includes source - FreeWare.
INI_IO.ZIP3325Oct 11 1992Rather small but useful Visual Basic for DOS routines that read/write information to .INI files using the same syntax/methodology as the WINDOWS 3.1 API (freeware via compuserve's Microsoft BASIC forum).
INTLAN.ZIP29549Feb 20 1989Interlanguage programming. How to mix BASIC with other Microsoft languages.
ISAMTB.ZIP27024Jan 26 1992ISAM record manager for PowerBASIC, limits number of open files, but still seems to be good.
ISSHARE.ZIP3328Mar 1 1991Is DOS Share active? QB Source included.
JANSFONT.ZIP88314Jul 11 1989A QB4 utility for displaying screen fonts in high resolution graphics
JOYSTK.ZIP38367Apr 23 1988Joystick testing program. Includes complete Basic source code.
JOYSTK10.ZIP25509Nov 18 1993JOYSTK 1.0 This VBX control gives you information about the joystick. Events are fired on movement and button changes (up and down).
JOYTEST.ZIP1588Dec 4 1985BASIC program to read x,y from joystick.
JULDATE.ZIP1024Nov 28 1990QBasic Julian date functions. Includes complete source code.
KEYFLAGS.ZIP8098Aug 8 1993QuickBasic Function that writes key states(NumLock, etc) to screen. Asm source included.
KILLDLL.ZIP3886Nov 18 1992Remove a DLL from memory. Source and EXE. (Visual Basic). Requires VBRUN100.
LAB8250.ZIP6561Mar 11 1992Description of 8250 control registers. Lab for electronics students with program in BASIC.
LABELS.ZIP1831Mar 15 1990Very simple label-maker for diskette labels. Very small, but does incredibly nice work. Includes BASIC source code, along with design tips for creating your own formats. Very good.
LB09D.ZIP669155Aug 10 1993Liberty BASIC is a personal BASIC programming system for MS Windows 3.x.
LBM.ZIP66708Jul 2 1992Converts 320x200x16 Deluxe Paint II image files into BASIC BSAVE format (screen mode 7, page 7).
LEGENDS.ZIP24096Nov 17 1987BBS program written entirely in Basic. Good program, though you may have a little debugging to do. Not for the novice.
LENINP.ZIP2320Aug 4 1992Quick Basic source file for keystroke detection.
LIBTOQLB.ZIP35239Feb 6 1991BASIC 4.5 utility program to help in combining a number of .LIB files into one QLB file. Automatically makes a BATCH file that will copy all OBJ files out of the LIB files, and also makes a RESPONSE file for doing the QLB
LIBWIZ20.ZIP113856Nov 5 1994Library Wizard 2.0 for MS BASIC libraries (QB, Bascom/PDS, VB-DOS). Menus allow easy creation of custom .LIB files with accompanying .QLB, .REF, .BI; automatic resolution of routine interdependencies.
LINEGRPH.ZIP6446Sep 18 1989QB 4.5 Auto scaled line graphs in EGA (source).
LINENO.ZIP1887Nov 10 1992Find cursor position and line number in Visual Basic 2 text boxes.
LINKBAS.ZIP3199Dec 13 1990Pass information between 2 QuickBASIC modules.
LINKER.ZIP30348Mar 17 1990LINKER is a utility designed to help compile and link stand alone programs from QuickBASIC 4.0+ source code. It operates much like the compile options from within the environment but allows you total control over the compi
LINKER12.ZIP39024Dec 1 1990Compile and link utility for QuickBASIC programmers.
LITE411Q.ZIP124240Jul 30 1991This is a very good QBasic library with graphics and pull-down menu's.
LTBRQB4.ZIP43187Apr 2 1988Source code for Lotus style lightbar menus in QuickBASIC.
LZHBAS.ZIP5538Jan 12 1991LZH compression source code in BASIC and C to allow compression from inside MicroSoft QBx 7.x programs-- Access from BASIC.
MAKE41.ZIP24631Dec 2 1990Basic MAKE program. BASCOM 7.1 Source Included.
MAKEDOOR.ZIP71536Nov 2 1992MAKEDOOR -> A sample door skeleton written entirely in BASIC.
MAKERS.ZIP3780Jun 1 1988Com,menu,and scrn makers in basic.
MARQFIT.ZIP11511Dec 11 1985GWBASIC program - nice implementation of the Marquardt algorithm for non-linear least squares fitting.
MASK10.ZIP40976Jan 3 1988Nice masked input routines for QBasic.
MATHWZ10.ZIP49501Jan 8 1991BCD, scientific, trig math functions for Quick Basic - from Tom Hanlin.
MAXBAS31.ZIP261264Nov 8 1992MAXimize Basic v3.1 is a BASIC Application Interface Manager that greatly improves your productivity by allowing you to easily design build and control an intuitive interface to your programs.
MCISRC.ZIP17644Apr 2 1992Visual Basic demo showing how to utilize MCI commands.
MENUBAS.ZIP4673Nov 4 1988Excellent Lotus like menu routines for QBASIC and TBASIC.
MENUSYS.ZIP99033Jun 15 1993Library for PowerBASIC 3.x. Write your programs with drop down menus and dialog boxes like DOS EDIT. Very nice.
METAFONE.ZIP5117Oct 15 1992A phonetic text-retrieval algorithm better than Soundex. Sample source code in Basic.
METER1.ZIP2883Jul 22 1991Vb dll to write controls with metered appearance.
MGLOBAL2.ZIP9772Nov 3 1990Stock market tracking program with complete QBasic source code.
MHCTL.ZIP1689Jan 9 1993Get a menu's control handle in a custom control.
MHDEMOS.ZIP257283Apr 17 1991DEMO of "Muscle" and "Stay-Res Plus", libraries for QuickBasic/BC/PDS from Microhelp. Includes price and order information.
MICE.ZIP17701Apr 16 1988Mouse driven windowing routines. GREAT!!. Requires ADVBAS.EXE.
MLIBV22.ZIP51017Jan 27 1993Mouse library for QB4.X. Very good "Windows Style" mouse pointers.
MLISTBOX.ZIP8232Feb 17 1992Multiple selection list boxes for Visual Basic.
MNP-QB.ZIP17143Mar 5 1987Provides QBASIC callable routines that allow the setting up of a MNP error correcting link between two devices. Interesting.
MNUSYS11.ZIP143900Sep 24 1993Text mode GUI library for PowerBASIC 3.x. This is a newer version of the library shipped with PB3.0c, has some bug fixes.
MNUSYSQB.ZIP198484Sep 7 1993A complete Text-Mode GUI for QuickBASIC 4.5, with full-featured support library.
MORTCOST.ZIP13635Jul 4 1986Mortgage cost analysis with full BASIC source, this is very helpful.
MOVTXT.ZIP5588Jul 8 1991Use a picture control to "drag" a text control in Visual Basic.
MSBC700.ZIP2780Dec 4 1989Microsoft press release announcing Microsoft Professional Basic Development System 7.0.
MSGBLAST.ZIP110734Oct 20 1993Code to give vb routine access to all windows messages.
MSKB.ZIP97797Mar 12 1991Contains text from the Microsoft Knowledge Base of Quickbasic and Basic PDS. Specifically bug fixes and work arounds including how to accomplish the impossible using the Basic language.
MSMENUS.ZIP22010Jun 14 1992A Quick Basic library allowing users to incorporate pulldown menus into a Quick Basic program, works with mouse or keyboard. Example Enclosed.
MTHVIEW.ZIP265183Feb 15 1993Windows MS Mail Visual Basic program to view full month of schedule plus data on the screen.
MWALLOC.ZIP6235Mar 23 1991Quick Basic string routines to use all available memory.
NACDI.ZIP17779Feb 3 1991Quick Basic source that sets a 24 hour clock on upper right corner.
NETB.ZIP4245Mar 13 1991Is this node running Netbios? QB Source included.
NO-INT.ZIP33839Nov 24 1990BASIC source that shows how to control the serial ports via polling rather then interrupts.
NRFACE21.ZIP98213May 8 1990A Quick Basic Library that provides a common interface for your programs.
NWBIND.ZIP6343Jan 8 1992NetWare Bindery Viewer. Visual Basic source code that allows you to view Netware's bindery.
OLEACC.ZIP39736Jun 17 1993An example of how to use OLE 2.0 with Microsoft Access in Visual Basic 3.0.
ONCLOCK.ZIP1249Mar 5 1991Quick Basic source code that displays a clock while waiting for input.
ONUEVENT.ZIP5509Sep 6 1991Assembler and QBasic source to add hardware event trapping to your program using ACK line of printer port and ON UEVENT.
OPENDL.ZIP6748Jul 25 1992VB custom control to use some common dialogs.
ORIENT.ZIP25638Feb 6 1993Visual Basic .DLL to find and change the printer orientation.
PANSI.ZIP9483Jun 3 1992Quick Basic routines that emulate the ANSI.SYS driver.
PANSI2.ZIP7289Jul 24 1992QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS Ansi emulator.
PARSFIL.ZIP2198Apr 19 1988Parse command line into filename in QBasic.
PB-EXEC.ZIP2914Feb 25 1992Replacement for PowerBASIC shell command. Removes as much of calling program form memory as possible to give more memory to the called program.
PB-MOD.ZIP105767Jul 1 1992Power Basic 3.0 source to use Sound Blaster card and others.
PBA100.ZIP110442Feb 28 1994PB Architect for PowerBasic 3.0. Great Library Demo.
PBBACK20.ZIP117144Nov 5 1994PBBack 2.0 library for QuickBasic v1.0-4.5. Over 300 routines of all descriptions. The successor to AdvBas.
PBC17FIX.ZIP829Mar 5 1992Fixed version of FCreate for PBClone 1.7.
PBC30A.ZIP283104Nov 5 1994PBClone 3.0 library (1 of 2) for MS BASICs. This archive contains the demo programs and core libraries. Shareware by Tom Hanlin.
PBC30B.ZIP76923Nov 5 1994PBClone 3.0 library (2 of 2) for MS BASICs. This archive contains the BASIC part of the source code. Shareware by Tom Hanlin.
PBCWIN20.ZIP48224Nov 5 1994PBCwin 2.0 library for Visual Basic for Windows. General-purpose DLL of 79 routines. Shareware, by Tom Hanlin.
PBDBASE.ZIP72501Oct 27 1990File manager for PowerBASIC, includes network support.
PBGUI300.ZIP171780Jul 11 1994PBGUI Toolkit 3.00 A complete GUI toolkit for PowerBASIC 3.00 which includes: Command Buttons, PCX Buttons, Icon Buttons, Check Boxes, Radio Buttons, PCX Picture Box, List Boxes, Scroll Bars, Edit Fields, Bit Mapped Fonts,
PBTC13B.ZIP75649Sep 6 1993Library for PowerBASIC 3.x. Many functions, screen, data entry, string.
PBTLTE11.ZIP83273Aug 4 1991PBTools Lite 1.1 - Outstanding library for PowerBASIC users. Includes screen I/O, keyboard I/O, windowing, and string handling. Shareware.
PBTOOL2I.ZIP115807Feb 18 1991Latest version PB Tools 2.0 for PowerBASIC, windows, data entry, DOS I/O, EMS memory usage, great utility, must have for PowerBASIC.
PBTSTDRV.ZIP283796Apr 1 1991PowerBasic 2.1 Testdrive. Free limited version of the new version.
PBVL010.ZIP152940Feb 10 1994PB/VISION(tm) LITE v1.0 for PowerBASIC 3.0. Create graphical/text 3D windows with working control icons. Fully event-driven, multithreading, mouse aware design. .
PBWIZ21.ZIP216688Sep 6 1994PowerBasic Wizard's Library 2.1, for PowerBasic 3.0. Includes SoundBlaster, 256-color VGA and SVGA, mouse, joystick, keyboard, disk, time/date, string and math enhancements, equipment info, lots more. Shareware by Tom Hanl
PBWRITE.ZIP29884Aug 24 1993PowerBasic editor by Erik Olsen.
PBZIP2.ZIP5702Apr 13 1991PowerBASIC library for accessing the header information in ZIP files.
PB_EDIT.ZIP9148May 1 1992A 5000 line editor done completely in PowerBASIC. BAS file only.
PCPROF.ZIP67925Sep 23 1985Very good Basic tutor with graphics and colors.
PERCNT23.ZIP22936Nov 5 1993Percentage bar for VB/WIN 3.0 (vbx).
PIA88SRC.ZIP60632May 4 1988Source for PIA88.arc. Need Quick Basic. Not needed to run PIA88.
PINI10.ZIP3478Jan 8 1995VB program to write ini files.
PKSCRYPT.ZIP33442Aug 1 1986Public Key Cryptography w/source code.
POKEPEEK.ZIP4160Mar 11 1984This is a short list of very handy poke and peek addresses for QuickBasic Programmer's.
PORTINFO.ZIP3238Jun 21 1990Display COM port info. QB Source included.
POWERTXT.ZIP14314Dec 30 1993Comparison of Quick Basic & Power Basic 3.X.
PPRTR.ZIP10744Feb 18 1993Visual Basic .DLL to manipulate current printer settings.
PREQB.ZIP17119Jan 24 1988Quick Basic front end.
PREQLB20.ZIP85632Apr 15 1991MicroHelp QuickBasic/PDS utility that scans source .bas files and creates a Quick Library containing only the modules found. A must utility for programers running out of memory in QB/QBX environment.
PRINT150.ZIP8068Jan 18 1986Print a text file at 150 lines/page, very readable. Includes BAS source.
PRINTROM.ZIP22380Sep 3 1991An excellent utility for QB4.x programmers. Allows you to choose many different font styles in graphics mode. (i.e underline, shadows, etc.).
PRNSETUP.ZIP17097Sep 14 1991For Visual Basic programmers. Demos how to call the Printer Setup dialog from Windows 3.x. Source and .EXE included.
PROJPR.ZIP16836Oct 25 1992Project printer - print Visual Basic source files with Word for Windows.
PROMPT10.ZIP23629Jan 17 1994Visual Basic VBX control.
PROWINDB.ZIP56404Oct 16 1989Professional windows toolbox for Quick BASIC, Version 2.02.
PSCREEN.ZIP104689May 4 1989Screen Design system, creates screens that can be redisplayed in QBASIC.
PSETMA.ZIP6143Jun 28 1988Replacements for Set and PSet in Quick Basic.
PSP.ZIP13356Jun 25 1991Returns the case sensitive command line. Quickbasic source and .exe included.
PULDOWN.ZIP28246Feb 16 1991A set of pull-down menu routines for QuickBasic with source code.
PWEZ40.ZIP181684Oct 30 1990WINDOWS R-E-Z Version 4.00 for PDS Basic programmers and QB programmers. A collection of window management utilities written in Basic and Assembly.
PWL520Q.ZIP127080Dec 25 1992ProWindows(tm) 5.20: An "event-driven" windowing user interface toolbox for QuickBASIC. Features mouse/software controlled "virtual" windows, which can be larger than the physical display and can be moved, hidden, resized,
PWL520X.ZIP126128Nov 15 1992ProWindows(tm) 5.20: An "event-driven" windowing user interface toolbox for MS BASIC PDS 7.1. Features mouse/software controlled "virtual" windows, which can be larger than the physical display and can be moved, hidden, re
PWL521X.ZIP125624May 6 1993The #1 Windowing Toolbox for MS BASIC PDS 7.1. Create multiple FULL COLOR text-based virtual windows that can be moved, scrolled, re-sized, and hidden via mouse.
Q4TOOL.ZIP72565Jan 29 1991Q4Tool is a small collection of innovative and direct programming tools, in the form of a user library for QuickBASIC 4.xx.
QB-DOS.ZIP3451Sep 19 1987A collection of DOS calls for QBasic.
QB-INPUT.ZIP1883Sep 1 1986Various QB input routines.
QB-UTILS.ZIP4234Feb 9 1987Quick basic utilities.
QB1211.ZIP21381Dec 11 198812/11 Listing of QuickBASIC Quirks.
QB2TB.ZIP3024Apr 22 1987Convert ASM subs from QBasic to Turbo Basic.
QB45.ZIP15326Oct 26 1988An very interesting group of papers written by Microsoft concerning the new Quick Basic 4.5, and various BASIC ideas for the future.
QB45BITS.ZIP9221Aug 12 1989QuickBasic 4.5 Bit Manipulation routines.
QB45CMNT.ZIP100596Feb 26 1991QuickBASIC comments adding utility. Adds useful information to QuickBASIC listings, such as requirements, variables used, description. Also writes structure to a separate file. Does not modify the original code.
QB45DTR.ZIP1606Aug 12 1989Patches Quick Basic 4.5 to NOT drop DTR when a comm port is closed.
QB45ERR.ZIP4963Dec 17 1989Quick Basic 4.5 error handling routines. Full source included.
QB45MULT.ZIP41124Oct 3 1993How to produce a multi-tasking program in QuickBasic 4.5.
QB4ALARM.ZIP32990Feb 1 1991Full Screen giant digital alarm clock. Includes Basic source code.
QB4BAS46.ZIP133232Nov 29 1989QB4BAS is a collection of subroutines and functions which are designed for use with Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.0 thru 4.5.
QB4D.ZIP3043Jan 25 1988Quick Basic 4.x interface for reading dBase III files.
QB4DB.ZIP3040Jan 25 1988Use Dbase files in Quick Basic 4.0.
QB4ENVIR.ZIP945May 7 1988Quick Basic routines that allow reading and writing enviroment variables to DOS's enviroment space.
QB4INT.ZIP4486Dec 20 1989Text information on QuickBASIC's CALL INTERRUPT command.
QB4MEN.ZIP4434Dec 26 1987Q Basic 4.0 Bounce Bar Menu Routine (Source Code).
QB4SWLIB.ZIP20395Nov 10 1991QuckBasic library for software developers.
QB4TB523.ZIP365699May 13 1992Quick Basic Toolbox library of assembly routines.
QB4TOASM.ZIP27953Nov 30 1989Extensive documentation on linking QuickBASIC 4 to .ASM programs.
QB4UN.ZIP1404Dec 28 1987Undocumented command line options for QB4.
QBANIMAT.ZIP82579Sep 8 1990Megadraw 4.0 creates 12 frame animation. Generates Quickbasic code to insert in your own programs. Requires EGA or better.
QBARCV.ZIP10665Jan 1 1987Allows to check ARC Verbose from quickbasic, VERY, VERY Nice.
QBARMENU.ZIP2961Oct 23 1986Lotus 1-2-3 type bar menu generator for QBasic.
QBAS-BBS.ZIP2783Dec 24 1989A very small list of BBS's dedicated to QuickBasic.
QBAS46.ZIP134168Nov 29 1989An excellent collection of routines for Quick Basic 4.5.
QBASFLOW.ZIP7191Sep 28 1988QB Program Analyzer. Cross-reference utility. Includes source.
QBASIC.ZIP2912Oct 20 1988Known bugs in QBasic, and fixes, and update news.
QBBAUD.ZIP8945Oct 16 1987Demonstration and source code to change baud rates in Quick Basic, without reseting port.
QBBIOS.ZIP25489Oct 14 1987QBWARE's BIOS interface library 1.0.
QBBITS.ZIP9219Aug 12 1989Bit-level routines for QuickBASIC, includes ASM source.
QBBS.ZIP20067Jul 13 1987A complete BBS written in Basic with full source code..
QBBUG2.ZIP9005Dec 23 1987QuickBasic bugs.
QBCLR.ZIP2869Dec 8 1988QBasic source code for offering color.
QBCMDLN.ZIP5454Apr 17 1991Parse data from Quick Basic command line. Source code.
QBCMNT12.ZIP88853Apr 16 1991COMMENTS documents any QuickBASIC source code listing by analyzing and adding useful information to it, such as list of variables used, parameters, constants, TYPE structures, description, requirements ,etc.
QBCMP.ZIP13279Aug 6 1992Huffman encoder/decoder for PDS and QB4.5.
QBCOM.ZIP34808Jun 9 1989Dave Cleary's Comm Routines in MSC 5.1 for QuickBasic.
QBCOMM11.ZIP36227Sep 23 1990Quickbasic comm program with full source code.
QBCP.ZIP3936Dec 10 1991Quick Basic Copy Protection scheme for programs.
QBDATE4.ZIP9209Jun 27 1988Extended date handling in Quick Basic V4.0+. Very good library.
QBDIALOG.ZIP29725Feb 5 1991QBasic source that can be used to create dialog boxes. Requires PbClone library.
QBDIR01.ZIP3353Apr 14 1990This Quick Basic source code demonstrates how to get a file directory.
QBDOS.ZIP33916Oct 14 1987QBWARE's DOS interface library 1.0.
QBDTRPCH.ZIP2919Dec 23 1987Patch QB4 not to drop dtr.
QBERRLVL.ZIP3603Oct 19 1988Source code that allows Exiting QuickBasic programs with an errorlevel.
QBEVAL20.ZIP85627Aug 13 1992EVAL is an expression evaluator for QuickBasic. It allows you to pass a mathematical expression in a string and it returns the numeric result.
QBEVGFX2.ZIP85169Mar 21 1992A QB library of EGA/VGA graphic routines written in assembly.
QBFAQR01.ZIP133150Apr 4 1993A collection of useful Quick Basic routines.
QBFC100.ZIP51584Oct 20 1990QuickBASIC Fossil Communications. Interface between Quick Basic and Gwinn's fossil driver.
QBFE10.ZIP55355Jun 25 1987A simple front-end system for QBasic programmer's. Combines an external editor with QBasic's compiler and linker.
QBFILE.ZIP24543Oct 14 1987QBWARE's FILE interface library 1.0.
QBFLATTR.ZIP33722Feb 18 1991QBASIC Get/Change file attributes subroutine. Includes ASM source code. Compatible with QBWare's FLATTR subroutine.
QBFMT.ZIP44489Jun 24 1989A Basic source printer printer. Performs indentation.
QBFREE71.ZIP16480Feb 16 1991Display memory available/in use. QB Source included.
QBHELP!2.ZIP43019Oct 20 1988Quick Basic TSR Help program.
QBIF200E.ZIP133487Nov 1 1992Btree file indexing library for QuickBasic 4.5 and PDS 7.1.
QBINKY.ZIP3895Sep 2 1988QBasic 4.0+ data entry control subroutines, complete source and examples.
QBINP.ZIP2845Nov 24 1987Some input routines for QuickBASIC.
QBINP71.ZIP45501May 30 1990Quick BASIC functions for formatted inputs. Includes source code.
QBINT.ZIP5120Nov 28 1990Microsoft application note for QBasic on how to use CALL INTERRUPT.
QBINTERS.ZIP63840Apr 24 1989Various DOS routines using interrupts in QBASIC V4.0+.
QBJULIAN.ZIP2824Apr 13 1991Quick Basic julian date routines.
QBJULIEN.ZIP2757Dec 5 1991Several Quick Basic functions that perform date manipulation.
QBLIST30.ZIP52895Jul 28 1989Format QuickBASIC source code for printing.
QBLISTER.ZIP10511Aug 2 1993QBLISTER.BAS is a utility which allows you to print out a formatted QBasic or QuickBasic Source Code Listing.
QBMAP35.ZIP43984May 14 1989BASIC source code mapping utility.
QBMAPEX2.ZIP54920Jul 4 1994This BASIC example shows you how you can track a player in memory with a 2D array This technique can be useful in making text games, overhead view games, and the ever popular 3D games.
QBMEMMAN.ZIP9087Jun 21 1989Excellent MS paper discussing Quick Basics memory mangement techniques. This is a must for serious QB programmers.
QBMENUS.ZIP2187Dec 9 1986QuickBASIC Menu Routines with full source code.
QBMOUS.ZIP5746Jul 22 1988Quick Basic mouse support sub-routines.
QBNET.ZIP13862Jul 6 1992Information about the new BASIC programmer's network that is starting just for the BASIC crowd with multiple conferences covering many topics for Basic programmers. All vendors invited.
QBNEWS1.ZIP13903Nov 1 1989QuickBasic newsletter #1. Reviews, tips, quirks, rumors, source.
QBNEWS2.ZIP46896May 24 1990QuickBASIC electronic newsletter #2.
QBNEWS3.ZIP49947Jun 9 1990QuickBASIC electronic newsletter #3.
QBNW-20.ZIP31003Jun 16 1991This is a Novell NetWare Function Call library for Microsoft QuickBASIC version 3.0 and above.
QBNWS101.ZIP13074Nov 1 1989Quick Basic Newletter Vol 1, No. 1.
QBNWS102.ZIP42862Apr 23 1990QuickBasic electronic newsletter, Feb 1990 edition.
QBNWS104.ZIP176986Sep 3 1990QuickBASIC Newsletter volume 1 issue 4.
QBNWS105.ZIP63886Dec 1 1990Latest QB News - QuickBasic Newsletter.
QBNWS201.ZIP57431Mar 15 1991Latest issue of QuickBasic news volume 2 issue 1.
QBNWS202.ZIP92046Jun 1 1991QuickBASIC News Vol. 2 Issue 2. Starts to cover Visual BASIC.
QBNWS203.ZIP111439Sep 16 1991Quick Basic newsletter volume 2 number 3.
QBNWS204.ZIP65755Dec 22 1991Basic News Volume 2 Number 4.
QBNWS301.ZIP87614Apr 1 1992Quick Basic newsletter volume 3 number 1.
QBNWS302.ZIP37625Jun 29 1992Quick Basic News, vol. 3 no. 2.
QBNWS303.ZIP105138Nov 15 1992Quick Basic News letter Volume 3 issiue 3.
QBPRO7.ZIP104543Aug 2 1989Demo disk of the QB/Pro 7: Optimization package from MicroHelp.
QBREG210.ZIP45485Apr 15 1993Create registration code - Quick Basic source included.
QBS-0101.ZIP74648Jan 4 1993QuickBasic scrapbook. Source code + text from BBS threads.
QBS-0102.ZIP119753Mar 24 1993QuickBasic scrapbook. Source code + text from BBS threads.
QBS-0103.ZIP183119May 1 1993QuickBasic scrapbook. Source code + text from BBS threads.
QBSCR14.ZIP265498May 10 1989QuickBASIC 4.x screen routines v1.4. Excellent set of routines.
QBSCR16.ZIP357071Apr 11 1990QuickBasic Screen routines including source code for QB4+ by Tony Martin a local shareware author. These routines are fabulous and really worth registering. These routines include exploding windows, pull down menu's, etc
QBSER320.ZIP32052Sep 7 1993Version 3.20 of QBSerial Communications for QuickBasic.
QBSET.ZIP63488Apr 18 1991Allows you to set the colors in the QB.INI file and QB.EXE. Version 4.0 of QB is supported and must be 230,048 bytes in length.
QBSOUND.ZIP33971Apr 18 1987Quick BASIC source for some strange sound effects.
QBSOUNDS.ZIP1842Aug 10 1990QuickBasic source code for several interesting sounds.
QBSUB.ZIP8329Nov 1 1986Quite a few QBASIC subroutines with full source code.
QBSUBS10.ZIP32317Jun 25 1986Lots of very nice QBASIC functions and subroutines.
QBTERM2.ZIP10527Feb 1 1991Method to make QBASIC 4.5 return specified Return Codes when program terminates. Maintains QBasic's clean up of vectors, and gives a -1 return code if termination is due to runtime errors. Patching involved.
QBTINY12.ZIP74392Nov 19 1992QBTiny 1.2 shrinks your QuickBasic and PDS compiled .EXE files to as little as 1/5 of their original size! Not for VB-DOS. Now free. By Tom Hanlin.
QBTOOLS.ZIP25281Apr 16 1987Some routines for Quick Basic.
QBTTL30.ZIP11554Sep 4 1991Basic code for screen titles using different fonts.
QBTUTOR.ZIP17633Jan 20 1987Quick Basic Tutor.
QBUPDATE.ZIP6289Apr 14 1988Describes the changes which are included in QuickBASIC ver 4.0b. By Mic.
QBWARE.ZIP65168Apr 2 1988A HUGE collection of CALLable routines for QBASIC.
QBWIND.ZIP18523Jun 3 1989QBWindow is a windowing/menuing routine to be used with Microsoft QuickBasic Versions 4.0 and 4.5.
QBWINDOW.ZIP113872Mar 24 1990QuickWindows is a complete screen, window, and menu handling system designed for the Basic programmer.
QBWIZ20.ZIP33442Nov 5 1994QuickBasic Wizard 2.0 provides access to QuickBasic 4.5 internals and lets you obtain much information that is not otherwise available. It also allows setting the DOS errorlevel on exit. Includes source code. By Tom Han
QBX400G.ZIP46721Oct 9 1988Vern Buerg's QuickBASIC Source Code lister and Cross-Referencer.
QBXM10.ZIP49521Jun 18 1991Access extended/expanded memory from QuickBasic without first having to check which type is available.
QBXMODEM.ZIP5889Jan 3 1988QBasic source for xmodem file transfer protocol.
QB_CAL.ZIP50601May 24 1990QBasic 4.5 code for a simple calender program.
QB_CODE.ZIP83191Dec 29 1988Good collection of QBasic subroutines with complete source.
QB_DB3.ZIP55094Oct 20 1987Access dBase II files from Quick Basic. Full source.
QB_FOSL.ZIP5858Oct 28 1988Access communication FOSSELS from Quickbasic.
QB_IPX.ZIP99759Aug 3 1992Quick Basic source code to access Netware IPX communication packets. Makes accessing IPX easy using Quick Basic.
QB_QSORT.ZIP2042Jan 1 1980Fast Quick Sort routines in QB4.5. Sorts 1,000 records in 5 seconds.
QB_SBKIT.ZIP405048May 3 1991QuickBasic Programming Sound Blaster kit.
QB_VGA.ZIP2648Nov 14 1992Three QB source files demonstrating VGA routines.
QCARD.ZIP11572Nov 13 1989Quick Basic source for a simple business card database.
QDENT.ZIP35848Jun 20 1990Indents Quickbasic programs that are saved in ASCII text format.
QINP73.ZIP51053Jun 3 1990QB INPUT routines for making screen input alot easier.
QKWIN.ZIP114261Feb 17 1990QBasic source for Quick Windows screen routines. Very fast.
QLIB56.ZIP229702Dec 12 1992QLIB is a library of subroutines CALL-able from QuickBASIC, providing the QuickBASIC programmer with many additional functions and commands.
QSAM300.ZIP22916Oct 17 1989Quick Basic ISAM routines for creating database applications.
QSCR20.ZIP59131Jun 10 1988QSCR10 revision - QB code gen/screen draw.
QUIKCM11.ZIP34978Jun 19 1989A very nice set of comm routines for Quick Basic 4.5.
QUIKDRAW.ZIP57612Jul 11 1990QuikDraw is a QuickBASIC utility for creating EGA sprites using a mouse.
QUIKFIND.ZIP33093Dec 3 1990This program will search ALLFILES.LST for a search string. This program was written in QuickBasic 4.5 and source is included.
QWEZ50.ZIP232727Nov 28 1991This is one of the best windowing libraries for quickbasic programmers. Functions include full pop-up, pulldown windows using memory OUTSIDE of DGROUP, complete mouse handling routines and EXTENSIVE error detection.
QWINDOW.ZIP113873Mar 24 1990A very good windowing package for Quick Basic 4.5.
QWINDOWS.ZIP13675May 6 1987Video routines for QBasic that are written in ASM for fast display.
QXLIB10.ZIP117939Mar 14 1990QXLIB is a library of subroutines CALL-able from BASIC 7.0, providing the BASIC programmer with many additional functions and commands, along with un-BASIC-like speed and power.
RANDGR.ZIP9529Aug 4 1991This is a sample application illustrates the coding needed to use a Random Access file in conjunction with a Grid Control using Visual Basic.
RANDOMVB.ZIP6004May 16 1993Database progran in VB written by Ethan Winer for VB Prog Journal example.
RB158.ZIP3896Aug 20 1985Converts tokenized Basic files to ASCII text files.
RBBS-ASM.ZIP48595Oct 2 1988RBBS 17.1A .ASM source.
RBBS-BAS.ZIP271804Oct 3 1988RBBS 17.1A Quick Basic source.
RBBSBA.ZIP116425Sep 28 1986RBBS-PC v14.1D Source Code.
READBAS.ZIP12766Sep 14 1986Translate .bas tokenized files -> ASCII text for QBasic.
READSUB.ZIP45535Aug 25 1991Reads SUBs in Quick Basic Programs and will write them out one by one.
READSUB2.ZIP45535Aug 25 1991Break BASIC programs into separate files by subroutine.
READSUB4.ZIP49519Jun 21 1992Read SUB programs from basic source.
REALDIR.ZIP8569Dec 30 1991Quick Basic source code that is a replica of QB file choice window.
REALFUN.ZIP208653Jun 1 1991Real and complex math libraries for QuickBasic.
RTCTOOLS.ZIP107145Mar 3 1988Tools to help in fiddling with Real-Time Clock. BASIC Source.
RTX100.ZIP42841Sep 2 1992Rtx v1.0 Programmer's Reporting Library for Microsoft BASIC PDS v7.1. Allows you to create professional-quality business reports from within your PDS applications, with only a few calls to the Rtx Library. Uploaded by Au
SAK.ZIP112484Nov 3 1988Swiss Army Knife for Basic programmers. Various tools for GWBASIC programmers.
SAYGETS2.ZIP3847Sep 15 1988Provides dBase style SAYGET data-entry routines to Quick Basic 4.5+. Full source code is included.
SBFRLITE.ZIP3287Nov 12 1993Sound Blaster code that plays a portion of the .MOD Fairlight. This does not actually play .MODs. Written by Peter Moore\Jeremy Muhlich.
SCREEN12.ZIP10366Apr 24 1987Quick Basic 4.5 data screen formatting/input routines.
SECURE31.ZIP28549Dec 3 1990SECURE was designed as a secure front-end for a program compiled in BASIC. Includes Basic source code.
SETHPL.ZIP1796Apr 17 1991Setup HP Laser printer - Quick Basic source code.
SHAKE.ZIP3489Dec 26 1988Special effects - shakes video screen w/src.
SHERIDAN.ZIP387013Jul 10 1992Sheridan's Visual Basic 3-d Widget Demo. Contains some really slick utilities and the normal demo propaganda. Utilities included Icon viewer that auto. scan/views icons, Excellent INI manager viewer, and Task launcher/swit
SICURV.ZIP27710Oct 20 1987Curv fitting and eqn solving prog.
SKELETON.ZIP11494Aug 4 1988Outstanding Door skeleton in QB.
SLENCODE.ZIP12284Aug 25 1992Add LZH compress to your Quick Basic programs.
SLINK10.ZIP26128May 21 1989Smart link shell for QuickBASIC programmers by Tom Hanlin.
SMAK126.ZIP24243Dec 13 1992Automates the compile and link process for QuickBasic.
SMALLE.ZIP6247Dec 16 1990How to produce smaller .EXE files in QuickBASIC.
SMITH.ZIP2222Oct 17 1993A Smith Chart written in Basic (Great for EE Students).
SNIPPIT.ZIP86748Jan 4 1994A VB 3.0 application using Access/Jet to store bits and pieces of frequently used code fragments so you can quickly recall them.
SOFTIP.ZIP101657Oct 21 1990BASIC Softips for November 1990. Electronic Magazine.
SOFTIPS.ZIP101658Oct 21 1990BASIC Softips newsletter for QB users Nov 90.
SOUNDEFF.ZIP2513Dec 20 1987Basic source code that will generate several sound effects.
SPIN1.ZIP4137Dec 11 1991A "Spin" control for Visual Basic.
SPIRO.ZIP24268Jul 21 1992Adds spiral graphics to QB programs.
SQWK.ZIP33971Apr 18 1987A sampler of strange noises and sound effects. Use parts of this program to add variety to your programs. BASIC source included.
STARFLAG.ZIP25813Jul 1 1991StarFlag (STARFLG) displays the American flag and plays the Star Spangled Banner. QB source code is included.
STARTREK.ZIP193199May 16 1989This product teaches the techniques for writing a game using the STARTREK game as an example, and the BASIC language as the programming language in which to write the code.
STORC.ZIP92508Jul 30 1993Visual Basic to Visual C++ forms converter. Convert VB forms into SDK DIALOG scripts. Use to make fully functional product from VB (or any other) prototype.
STSBAR.ZIP4014Nov 8 1991Status bar for Visual Basic.
SVGAPV20.ZIP228175Mar 11 1994SVGA graphics library for MS PDS and MS VBDOS.
SVGAQB20.ZIP225693Mar 11 1994SVGAQB20 is a Super VGA graphics library designed for use with MS Quick Basic 4.X.
SYSDIS.ZIP1936Jan 30 1988System Disinformation V 0.4. A very funny parody of Norton's SI. Full BASIC source included.
SYSSND.ZIP1822Oct 18 1992Attach Windows system sounds to Visual Basic message boxes.
TANDY.ZIP79512Nov 18 1988GRAFIX 1.00 support for the Tandy 1000's 320 x 200 x 16 color graphics mode and Texas Instruments SN76496 sound chip.
TB2.ZIP20064Apr 3 1992TOOLBOX V2. Visual Basic source for a customizable Icon Palette for Windows. Allows for a floating Icon Palette to launch programs. A very nice program to learn from. Source code only.
TBASIC.ZIP28414Jun 28 1982Tiny Basic VERY Small Basic interpreter, with ASM source.
TBWIND32.ZIP18348Oct 1 1987Window routines in Turbo Basic.
TGLPRT.ZIP7174Sep 24 1992Visual Basic For Windows app that will quickly switch between two printers. Includes source only.
THANOI.ZIP3196May 13 1989BASIC source that shows solutions to the Towers of Hanoi problem (2-15). A very typical exercise given to CS101 students. .
TILER.ZIP39075Mar 7 1992Graphics tile maker for Quick C or Basic.
TIMING2.ZIP13479Apr 9 1990QuickBASIC timing delays and background delays with QB Source.
TKMOVE.ZIP2159Sep 16 1992Example of file move utility written in basic.
TOOL20.ZIP35965Apr 8 1993VBX for Visual Basic. Includes commonly used buttons for files, fonts and help.
TOP-KIT.ZIP70934Aug 30 1989Basic source to a Door Writing Utility.
TSRBASIC.ZIP96909Apr 3 1991A basic interpreter of sorts with the capability to link and make a TSR out of a basic program. It works but is a memory hog.
TXTCRYPT.ZIP1348Feb 1 1990QuickBASIC source code by Tom Hanlin to encyrpt text. Simple alogrithm, but it works fine.
UBAS830.ZIP323296Jan 24 1992UBASIC86 Version 8.3 is a BASIC interperter with ultra-fast multi-precision arithmetic. Comes with many sample programs.
UI4QB11A.ZIP164165Aug 28 1992Menu routines for Quick Basic.
UNP.ZIP1582Jul 24 1992Unprotects BASIC files saved with ,P switch.
USERFACE.ZIP60097May 10 1991Quick Basic library to create pull-down menus like QuickBASIC's.
USERLIST.ZIP10807Feb 6 1991Display users logged onto server. QB Source included.
USINGVBU.ZIP297136Dec 5 1993Source code from the book, Using Visual Basic, 2nd edition.
VALIDDRV.ZIP1179May 30 1994For PowerBASIC 3.0: returns a string consisting of letters identifying valid drives on current system.
VANDEGFT.ZIP8865Jul 20 1987Disk modify and hide file utilities with full Basic source.
VB-TIPS.ZIP103801Jun 29 1992Visual Basic Tips File - Updated 7-1-92.
VB2-TB.ZIP172257Sep 5 1993Visual Basic ToolBox Pro Version 2.
VB2DOC.ZIP18591Oct 5 1993Utility to print out Visual Basic listings.
VB4CTRL.ZIP28362Nov 17 1991Four controls for use with Visual Basic.
VB4CTRLS.ZIP26755Nov 17 1991VBX control add-ons for visual basic.
VBADD102.ZIP27368Oct 17 1991Visual Basic add-on library. DLL format.
VBAPI.ZIP2004Nov 23 1993This contains a .lib file for Borland C++ 3.1 on up for rolling your own Visual Basic custom controls.
VBASM.ZIP35153Sep 27 1994Collection of assembly routines made useable for Visual Basic.
VBAWK.ZIP49416Jul 22 1993AWK-style text processing for Visual Basic for Windows.
VBBACKUP.ZIP13987May 19 1993Backup your Visual Basic project easily.
VBCLOCK.ZIP2723Dec 18 1991A clock made in Visual Basic with source.
VBCOMDEM.ZIP51594Aug 29 1991Visual Basic communications routines, with demo program.
VBCOMM20.ZIP18247Aug 22 1992VBCOMM provides a communcations module for Visual Basic.
VBCTRL.ZIP174437May 25 1992Visual Basic custom control utilities.
VBCTRL10.ZIP111778May 27 1992Custom controls for Visual Basic, including 3D effects, multi-list boxes, and support for Windows 3.1.
VBDB.ZIP79058Aug 9 1991Visual Basic Database front-end. Supports Dbase files, and Window's DDE. Excellent, and includes full source code.
VBDFMT10.ZIP7115Feb 28 1993Formatted input routine for Visual Basic for DOS. Freeware.
VBDIAL.ZIP452863Nov 9 1992Modem communications product in Visual Basic.
VBDOCERR.ZIP3919Jul 4 1991Visual Basic 1.00 documentation errors.
VBDOS.ZIP8257Jul 12 1991VBDOS. Is a Visual Basic DLL and demo code that shows you how to access DOS functions from within a Visual Basic application.
VBDRT10.ZIP160220Dec 23 1992VBDRT10 for Visual Basic for DOS 1.0 from Microsoft. Module similar to VBRUNxxx.EXE for Visual Basic for Windows. Allows VBD developers to create small executables in VBDos. This module must be in your path when running
VBFAQ.ZIP50587Aug 6 1994Three recent FAQs on Visual Basic downloaded from Info on programming and where to get add-on files, controls, etc.
VBFILEIO.ZIP34166Oct 20 1993Code to allow vb routine to link to a dll.
VBFINDID.ZIP8282Oct 23 1991Determine or define the IDs of controls in VB.
VBFONT.ZIP6842Oct 5 1991Visual Basic font viewer.
VBHELP.ZIP21270Feb 9 1993VB/DOS info on its help file format, with sample form(?).
VBHYPER.ZIP9914Mar 29 1992Simple HyperText engine written totally in Visual Basic.
VBINST.ZIP24699Sep 2 1992Product installation program for Visual Basic programmer's.
VBIT11.ZIP117931Jan 22 1995IDBTOOLS 1.1 Powerful routines for Visual Basic programmers.
VBITS.ZIP18428Jan 22 1995Example code mentioned in the talk "Conserving Windows Resources" given by Mark Novisoff and Tim O'Pry of MicroHelp, Inc.
VBJIGSAW.ZIP115078May 30 1991Jigsaw game in Visual Basic for Windows. Includes source code.
VBKBASE1.ZIP45452Sep 18 1991Visual Basic Knowledge Base #1.
VBKBASE2.ZIP62301Sep 18 1991Visual Basic Knowledge Base #2.
VBKB_FT.ZIP3263557Mar 29 1994Visual Basic knowledge base, includes VB_TIPS.HLP and VB_BUGS.HLP.
VBMAG3.ZIP213866Sep 9 1993Visual Basic Magazine (Edition 3). Use Windows Help To View.
VBMEM.ZIP7486Aug 24 1991Access Windows memory stats from Visual Basic.
VBMENU.ZIP16642Sep 6 1991Visual Basic menu routines, full source code.
VBMPU.ZIP10407Oct 12 1991A demonstration of Visual Basic for MIDI, source code included.
VBMSG.ZIP3719Sep 12 1991Visual Basic message box source code.
VBNAMES.ZIP7460Oct 20 1993Visual basic naming conventions.
VBO093.ZIP106900Jul 23 1993VISUAL BASIC OFFICE Beta 0.93. *POWERFUL* VB add-on. Code Librarian, Code Typist, ClipBoard File Monitor/Manager, Buttonbar access to Help, Document, Project and VBX Files, Program Launcher, Handle List and more.
VBPROJ.ZIP14544Oct 21 1992Visual Basic project manager tool.
VBPSETUP.ZIP3440Jun 25 1991Standard printer setup for Visual Basic.
VBPTR.ZIP4988Oct 3 1991This is a dynamic link library, written in Turbo Pascal for Windows that adds some much needed pointer support to Visual Basic.
VBPXENG.ZIP25585Oct 7 1991Visual Basic source code that uses the Paradox engine.
VBQUIRK.ZIP3293Jun 7 1991Quirks and bugs for Visual Basic.
VBRC10.ZIP73508Aug 12 1992Generates dialog templates from VB forms.
VBROTFNT.ZIP11727Apr 17 1993Visual Basic .VBX file to rotate text, works only with Truetype fonts.
VBRUN20.ZIP218520Oct 21 1992Visual Basic 2.0 run time module. VBRUN200.DLL - some Windows programs that are written in Visual Basic 2.0 require it.
VBRUN300.ZIP228400Apr 28 1993Visual Basic runtime dynamic library version 3.
VBRUN301.ZIP230495Jul 27 1993Correction of various bugs in VBRUN300.DLL from Microsoft.
VBSORT.ZIP3215Jul 9 1991Visual Basic quick sort example.
VBTBPA.ZIP141266Aug 25 1992VBToolbox automates the process of saving and runing your projects during programming sessions in the Visual Basic environment to prevent lost work and frustration if the system crashes.
VBTERM.ZIP38864Sep 1 1991Visual Basic communications program with sample Xmodem code.
VBTIPS.ZIP13492Aug 4 1991Info about Visual Basic -- Bugs, etc.
VBTIPS_1.ZIP77021Mar 1 1992Updated (03/01/92) version of VB-TIPS.TXT, a file of tips for using Visual Basic. Although not necessary to use the file, VBTVWR is a utility (written in Visual Basic) designed to make the file easier to use.
VBTOOLS.ZIP179248Jun 12 1991Demo of a Visual Basic programming library (DLL).
VBTVWR.ZIP11384Mar 1 1992Utility (written in Visual Basic) to fully utilize VB-TIPS.TXT (uploaded as VBTIPS or VBTIPS_1).
VBUPDATE.ZIP499438Sep 18 1993Latest updates to VB 3.0 (PRO) as of 9/1/93. ZIP file includes VBRUN300.DLL, dBASE engine, GRID.VBX, MSCOMM.VBX, etc.
VBWAV.ZIP1385Jul 26 1992Visual Basic WAV file player.
VBZ01.ZIP87944Feb 26 1993A sample issue of VBZ - a Visual Basic digest publication.
VCR.ZIP7087Jul 31 1985Basic source for a simple VCR tape database.
VECT.ZIP57889Jun 4 1992Interesting examples of 3D programming in QuickBasic. Includes BASIC and ASM code as well as demo EXEs.
VGALIB10.ZIP89268Aug 21 1991VGALIB 1.0 - Latest and greatest 256 Color VGA Library for QB 4.5. Supports 320x200/240/400 modes in 256 colors.
VGX10.ZIP175242Apr 15 1990New VGA graphics format for QB programmers (demo + info + utilities).
VIDEO_HW.ZIP1428Aug 14 1991Video hardware detection in Turbo Basic.
VINST8.ZIP213823Apr 6 1993Customized Visual Basic Setup1.mak replacement. Adds many features Microsoft forgot.
VMAG3A.ZIP205427Feb 3 1994Electrified Visual Basic Magazine - tips, tricks, and reviews.
VMS.ZIP85044Nov 23 1989Virtual Screen Manager is for ProBas programmers who wish to create menus, help screens, and windows easily, and then store them to a disk file.
VXBASE.ZIP263204Oct 21 1992.DLL for accessing dBase files/Clipper NTXs from within Visual Basic.
VXBDOX.ZIP159803Oct 21 1992Documentation for vxBase.ZIP (ver 2.02).
VXD102.ZIP112545Dec 4 1991DBASE functions for VisualBasic (DOCS).
W31API.ZIP31940Jun 23 1992Windows API calls for VB.
WBB12.ZIP268278Sep 10 1992BasicBasic is an easy to program, Basic-like language for DOS or Windows.
WDMQ0110.ZIP47554Oct 16 1988Parse command line in QB4.
WEATHER.ZIP30711May 12 1986Simple BASIC program that trys to predict the weather. Educational.
WEISSFUN.ZIP28100Oct 17 1989A fast, simple utility for breaking out all SUBS and FUNCTIONS in QB4.xx ascii source code to separate files for later merging. Includes docs and source code.
WGLIB101.ZIP124305Aug 1 1992VISUAL BASIC library for programmers.
WIN31API.ZIP31940Jun 23 1992WIN31API.TXT -- Windows 3.1 API Declarations for Visual Basic.
WINAPI.ZIP27811Jul 31 1991Windows API declarations (all of 'em) for Microsoft Visual Basic, comparable to WINDOWS.H. Uploaded by Oren Wolfe.
WPRINT.ZIP31787Apr 13 1992Print bitmap files from Visual Basic.
WW.ZIP1241Feb 27 1990Simple word wrap routine for Quick Basic.
ZBPC-460.ZIP132685Jul 27 1991Demo version of 16 and 32 bit ZBASIC Basic compiler.
ZIPVIEW.ZIP6883Oct 24 1990View files stored in ZIP/ARC/PAK/ZOO archives. QB Source included.
ZV.ZIP6883Oct 24 1990Quick Basic source code for an archive file viewer. ZIP, ARC, LZH, PAK.