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AsyLIB is a complete set of primitives for developing telecommunications programs and utilites from QuickBASIC.
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AsyLIB is a complete set of primitives for developing telecommunications programs and utilites from QuickBASIC.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASY.QLB 54502 23868 deflated
ASYAUTO.SCR 19 19 stored
ASYDEMO.BAS 49016 13848 deflated
ASYDEMO.DIR 115 69 deflated
ASYDEMO.INI 22 19 deflated
ASYDEMO.MAC 26 22 deflated
ASYDEMO.SCR 773 396 deflated
ASYEXTRN 31 31 stored
ASYLIB.BI 2449 864 deflated
ASYLIB.DOC 69054 21058 deflated
ASYLIB.LST 4182 1034 deflated
ASY_RJ.BAT 355 220 deflated
ASY_RZ.BAT 335 219 deflated
ASY_SJ.BAT 354 219 deflated
ASY_SZ.BAT 344 230 deflated
MAILER 3137 967 deflated
READ.ME 1885 924 deflated
TCOMM.INC 1102 474 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the READ.ME file

Searching Archive: ASYLIB11.ARC - Telecomm Functions for QB 4.x

Filename Size Description
-------- ------ -----------
ASY.QLB 54638 BC6 / QB 4.00(a)/ QB 4.00(b) Environment library
ASYAUTO.SCR 19 Script to execute upon terminal start up
ASYDEMO.BAS 49016 Demo terminal program using AsyLIB
ASYDEMO.DIR 115 AsyDEMO.BAS dialing directory
ASYDEMO.INI 22 AsyDEMO.BAS terminal defaults
ASYDEMO.MAC 26 Demo macro file
ASYDEMO.SCR 773 Demo script file
ASYEXTRN 31 File used by extended protocol driver BAT files
ASYLIB.BI 2449 Declaration statements for AsyLIB
ASYLIB.DOC 68980 Library documentation
ASYLIB.LST 4182 Library list
ASY_RJ.BAT 355 \
ASY_RZ.BAT 335 \ BAT file drivers for extended protocols like
ASY_SJ.BAT 354 / ZMODEm and Jmodem
ASY_SZ.BAT 344 /
MAILER 3019 Order form
TCOMM.INC 1102 Telecomm include file

Note: The ASY.QLB environment library supplied is made up of files
designed for QB 4.00(a) and QB 4.00(b) / BASCOM 6. We have had reports
that when used with the demo under QB 4.00 problems cropped up. If you
find this to be the case, and want to play with the QLB specifically for
QB 4.00, call The Information Booth at 1 (316) 684-8744 and download

Note further that to run the sample extended protocols ZMODEM and
JMODEM, the dricers DSZ.COM and JMODEM.COM must be in your path. Again,
users of QB flavours PRIOR to QB 4.00(b) may need to add CALLS to DTRHi
and DTRLo to prevent QB from dropping carrier (closing your comport)
before the extended drivers can start up. This should not be necessary
under QB 4.00(b)/BASCOM 6 (your modem may or may not also be at fault

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