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PBClone 3.0 library (1 of 2) for MS BASICs. This archive contains the demo programs and core libraries. Shareware by Tom Hanlin.

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PBClone 3.0 library (1 of 2) for MS BASICs.
This archive contains the demo programs and
core libraries. Shareware by Tom Hanlin.

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PBClone 3.0 library (1 of 2) for MS BASICs. This archive contains the demo programs and core libraries. Shareware by Tom Hanlin.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDFILE.BAT 2521 698 deflated
ARCVIEW.BAS 4356 1453 deflated
BIBLIO.TXT 2801 1399 deflated
BLDLIB.BAT 5194 1325 deflated
CATALOG.TXT 13064 5318 deflated
DEMO.BAS 6696 1753 deflated
DESC.SDI 62 62 stored
DIRVIEW.BAS 2808 1015 deflated
EXCELNT.VOC 10868 8965 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 132 119 deflated
FV.EXE 8376 5480 deflated
LIBRARY.TXT 3433 1598 deflated
LIB_BI.DOC 24608 8920 deflated
MAKEDEMO.BAT 990 437 deflated
MEMBOX.ASM 10325 2532 deflated
MEMBOX.COM 4734 547 deflated
MENUDEMO.BAS 1935 817 deflated
ORDER.FRM 3131 952 deflated
PACKING.LST 2280 850 deflated
PATCHER.BAS 2141 842 deflated
PBC$FAR.LIB 67583 26740 deflated
PBC$MAIN.LIB 61555 26683 deflated
PBC$NEAR.LIB 57855 25323 deflated
PBCLONE.DOC 54062 15080 deflated
PBCLONE.INF 100612 19210 deflated
PBCLONE.MAN 430737 99593 deflated
PBCLONE.NEW 22887 9026 deflated
PLAYVOC.BAS 3065 1217 deflated
QUESTION.TXT 6792 2877 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the BIBLIO.TXT file

This constitutes a bibliography of some of the references used in creating
the PBClone library. They are listed in no particular order. I might note
that many of these references contain incorrect information on one point or
another and that they frequently contradict each other. Such are the joys of
assembly programming. Comments reflect my personal opinions on the text.

"The New Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC & PS/2". 2nd Ed,
1988, by Peter Norton and Richard Wilton. Microsoft Press.
-- Often contains inadequate detail and is unusually buggy. The little bit
it had of value has been superceded by more current works. Garbage.

"COMPUTE!'s Mapping the IBM PC and PCjr". 1985, COMPUTE! Publications, Inc.
-- An old but still handy reference. The memory map, port reference, and
low-level support chip information are very good.

"Programmer's Guide to PC & PS/2 Video Systems". 1987, by Richard Wilton.
Microsoft Press.
-- A terrific reference on video from MDA to VGA. The example program for
putting the Hercules adapter into graphics mode is rather buggy, however.

"The MS-DOS Encyclopedia". 1988. Microsoft Press.
-- Encyclopedic it is, if getting a bit dated. Still, its coverage of DOS is
excellent. Recommended for serious assembly language programmers.

"Algorithms & Data Structures". 1986, by Niklaus Wirth. Prentice-Hall, Inc.
-- Terse text with rather ghastly Modula-2 source listings. One of the few
places where sorting and data structures are covered even moderately well,
however. If you need to do sorts or b-trees, it's a mandatory text.

"The Programmer's PC Sourcebook". 2nd Ed, 1991, by Thom Hogan. Microsoft
-- An astonishing collection of data and tables. With comprehensive scope
but no depth, this reference can tease by providing insufficient detail.
Still, a priceless work. Get one immediately.

"Microsoft MS-DOS Programmer's Reference". 1991. Microsoft Press.
-- Although books by Microsoft Press seem to have an unusual number of bugs,
they are usually otherwise excellent. This one stinks. It lacks vital
details, contains many serious bugs, and offers smugly hypocritical advice
on program design. I haven't seen as much info on the DOS 5.0 National
Language Support elsewhere, though, so it may make a tolerable last choice
if you want to go international. Don't say I didn't warn you.

"Sound Blaster: The Official Book". 1993. McGraw-Hill, Inc.
-- Not as complete as one might like. Most of the book is concerned with
idiot-level end-user stuff. An appendix details the hardware interface in
an ineffectual manner, and the SB software drivers in a manner which is
mostly sufficient for technical folks.

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