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MAKEDOOR -> A sample door skeleton written entirely in BASIC.
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MAKEDOOR -> A sample door skeleton written entirely in BASIC.
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Contents of the MAKEDOOR.DOC file

MAKEDOOR -> A sample door skeleton written entirely in BASIC.
Written by Steven Kling and Phil Dewitt


The BBS industry has done a lot for me personally. The basic
concept of user helping user has given me the personal skills
to write doors and do other work on PCs. I am and will always
be indebted to many people that have helped me on the way. To
list just a few:

D. Thomas Mack - Creator of the Original of RBBS
Ken Goosens - Senior developer, and caretaker of RBBS
Jon Martin - Other Senior RBBS Developer
Chris Sherrick &
John Morris - Creator and developer of the first
great door, Tradewars. Even more important, they
shared source code (initially anyway).
Fast Fingers - Pioneer in the area of ANSI graphics Doors. Fast
Fingers always shared source code. (Does anybody
know this persons real name?)
Phil Dewitt - Phil is the author of many doors, helped me learn
how to write doors. He even worked on MAKEDOOR.
Gregg Snyder - Gregg Snyder is the leader of the DGS group of Sysops.
I as well as several of the names listed above are all
members of this group. DGS exists to promote the free
exchange of information. This group truly supports the
original concepts of users helping users in an effort
to improve the quality of BBS interactions.

Something that always amazed me was how people would work so hard on
different products (like RBBS or any of dozens of doors), and then give
away their source code. This went on for years. Over time, and as the
industry matured, less and less people are giving away source code for
their doors. This is a tragedy in my estimation. Almost every problem
for writing a good door has been worked out in almost every language.
Yet, people are still struggling to find some samples from which to learn.

The purpose of MAKEDOOR is hopefully to fill this gap in the BASIC language.
Enclosed are five files:

MAKEDOOR.EXE (A compiled version of MAKEDOOR.BAS ready to run).
MAKEDOOR.BAS (the complete source code for Makedoor.exe).
MAKEDOOR.DEF (A Door defintion file used by the door).
FOSSCOMM.OBJ (Fossil drivers, taken from the RBBS source code).
GIVEBK31.OBJ (Used to give back CPU resources when door is idle,
when running under Desqview).

MAKEDOOR.BAS hopefully is self explanatory. If you understand BASIC code,
then you should be able to read MAKEDOOR.BAS and then write your own
door. That's what this is all about. My recommendation is run the door,
then look at the code. There are many built in routines that should
allow any BASIC programmer to write their own door from this.

Line 1: Sysop's First Name
Line 2: Sysop's Last Name
Line 3: Name of DOOR file (Must be DORINFOx.DEF, PCBOARD.SYS, or CALLINFO.BBS)
Line 4: COM PORT (all caps no Colon). Example COM1. If FOSSIL Drivers are
used then add a /F to the line. Example: COM2 /F
Line 5: Name of BBBS
Line 6: Number of minutes no keyboard activity before the user is ejected
Line 7: Number of minutes allowed in the door
Line 8: Security level necessary to use the door. Set to 0 if your BBS
DOOR file (Line 3) does not contain security level information.

That's it.

What do I want from you: Not a thing.

Copyright information:
1. This Program is copyrighted strictly to protect anyone else from trying
to sell it. You may freely distribute or sell any EXE that you compile using
MAKEDOOR.BAS as a foundation. A note acknowledging the use of MAKEDOOR
would be nice, but again is voluntary.

2. I also would like to know how you like the program and what you do with
it. Please contact me at Technopeasants' ][ 703-364-9258. I really
would like to see your doors if you would like to share. I can also
be reached on Compuserve User ID 70324,1507 (Steven Kling).

3. If you make enhancements to the door, then please give them to me.
I will include any change that I think is beneficial into the next version,
and also will give credit to that user that provided the change. This is
how the BBS community got started; you can do your part too.

4. If you need to sell a copy of this source code to a client, then you
must respect my comment lines as stated in MAKEDOOR.BAS (this means that
you leave them in the source code). Further, you must contact me and
get my specific written permission for you to distribute the source code.
Again, my primary purpose for this is to protect the source code.


1. You may not distribute MAKEDOOR.BAS in modified format. If you have
an enhancement that you believe beneficial, then see 2 & 3 above in the
DO's Section. If you are trying to sell a modified copy of MAKEDOOR.BAS,
see 4 above in the DOs.

2. You are not allowed to sell MAKEDOOR.ZIP, with the exception noted
in (1) of the DOs above. No exceptions.

If you want an update, and cannot find it anywhere else in your local
area, then call my BBS at 703-364-9258. The latest version will always
be there (just download MAKEDOOR.ZIP). If you want me to mail it to you
then send me $10 to
PO BOX 103
Marshall, VA 22115
Attn: MAKEDOOR Updates

Call my BBS at 703-364-9258,
contact me at Compuserve (ID: 70324,1507)
or write me at:
PO BOX 103
Marshall, VA 22115
Attn: MAKEDOOR Support

Good Luck,
Steven Kling

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