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Quick Basic source code that is a replica of QB file choice window.
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Quick Basic source code that is a replica of QB file choice window.
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Contents of the REALDIR.DOC file

By Rich Geldreich December 1991
I don't guarantee anything about this program! You may use it
in any way you wish as long as you don't make any money of

RealDir includes a QuickBASIC 4.5 subprogram, called
SelectFile, which emulates QuickBASIC's "Open Program" menu.
It uses many of the same keys and also looks similar to QB's
open program menu.

Notes about using RealDir.BAS in your programs...

To call up the "Choose File" menu, simply call the SelectFile
subprogram like this:

SelectFile FileName$, Status

Where FileName$ is the filename(and full path) selected, and
Status is a flag telling either the FileName$ is good or the
user aborted by pressing Escape.

To remedy this, I have included two calls called "RealPath"
and "RestorePath". RealPath returns the current path and
RestorePath restores a path(the reason why QB's CHDIR command
can't be used is because the current drive may have to be
changed- CHDIR can't do that). If you don't want the current
directory or drive to change, save the path in a string, call
SelectFile, and restore the current path with RestorePath,
something like this:

SelectFile FileName$,Status
RestorePath OldPath$

Or better yet- just make the subprogram do that and you can
forget about it.

WARNING: if RealPath$ is called and the current drive isn't
ready, the subprogram will "hang up" and you will have to
reboot the system. Use it with caution(on hard drives this
doesn't create a problem but on a floppy drive system this

To be able to use the program, you must start up QuickBASIC
with /l, like this:

QB /l

Otherwise, you will receive a "Subprogram Not Defined" or
similar error. (The program uses Call Interrupt and Call
InterruptX to call DOS.)

Keys to use:

Tab: changes between the Files window and Directory window.
Enter: selects whatever is below the highlighted cursor.
A-Z,a-z,0-9: all search for the next occurrence of a name
beginning with the pressed letter/number.
Escape: aborts(sets the Status flag to 2)
Arrow keys: move the cursor.
Home & End keys: moves cursor to the beginning or ending of

I haven't completely tested this program! Try it out
thoroughly before you use it in your programs! (especially
make sure that the correct number of drives for your system's
setup are in the Directories window... I really don't trust
the NumDrives function yet.)

For any questions, comments, or suggestions, write/call at:
Rich Geldreich
410 Market St.
Gloucester City, New Jersey 08030

Have fun!

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