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PowerBasic Wizard's Library 2.1, for PowerBasic 3.0. Includes SoundBlaster, 256-color VGA and SVGA, mouse, joystick, keyboard, disk, time/date, string and math enhancements, equipment info, lots more. Shareware by Tom Hanl

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PB Wizard's Library 2.1, for PowerBASIC 3.0.
Over 325 routines: archive & disk dirs, BMP
pics, SoundBlaster, mouse/kbd/joystick, EMS
& XMS memory, 256-color VGA/SVGA, equation
solver, comm, time & date calc, equipment
info, ANSI; w/ online help. By Tom Hanlin.

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PowerBasic Wizard’s Library 2.1, for PowerBasic 3.0. Includes SoundBlaster, 256-color VGA and SVGA, mouse, joystick, keyboard, disk, time/date, string and math enhancements, equipment info, lots more. Shareware by Tom Hanl
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ADDFILE.BAT 1562 612 deflated
ARCVIEW.BAS 3745 1299 deflated
BIBLIO.TXT 3460 1716 deflated
CALC.BAS 2443 767 deflated
CANTOUCH.VOC 11681 9871 deflated
CATALOG.TXT 14503 5651 deflated
CREATE.BAT 112 74 deflated
DESC.SDI 45 45 stored
EQUIP.BAS 6215 1508 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 267 218 deflated
GDEMO.BMP 38102 30518 deflated
LIBADD.EXE 7472 4689 deflated
LIBLIST.EXE 11392 6078 deflated
LIBUPD.EXE 7792 4789 deflated
MINITERM.BAS 2888 943 deflated
ORDER.FRM 6837 2268 deflated
PACKING.LST 1832 788 deflated
PBWIZ.DOC 99143 30201 deflated
PBWIZ.INC 15765 2010 deflated
PBWIZ.NEW 12128 5041 deflated
PBWIZ.PBH 111911 46737 deflated
PBWIZ.PBL 134621 38701 deflated
PBWIZ.REF 25229 5387 deflated
PLAYVOC.BAS 3275 1224 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VESAINFO.BAS 2218 692 deflated
VGADEMO.BAS 3240 1030 deflated
WHERE.BBS 3100 1608 deflated
XMSDEMO.BAS 5295 1773 deflated

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Contents of the BIBLIO.TXT file

This constitutes a bibliography of some of the references used
in creating the PBWiz library. They are listed in no particular
order. I might note that many of these references contain
incorrect information on one point or another and that they
frequently contradict each other. Such are the joys of assembly
programming. Comments reflect my personal opinions on the text.

"The New Peter Norton Programmer's Guide to the IBM PC &
PS/2". 2nd Ed, 1988, by Peter Norton and Richard Wilton.
Microsoft Press.
-- Often contains inadequate detail and is unusually
error-prone. Some of the information is unique to this source,
however, so it has its value.

"Microsoft Mouse Programmer's Reference". 2nd Ed, 1991.
Microsoft Press.
-- Bizarrely, the primary examples are for interpreted BASIC
(BASICA or GWBASIC). However, there are matching examples for
QuickBASIC, C, and MASM. This is a comprehensive reference. You
do have to be careful about using many of the routines, as older
mouse drivers are common, and they don't support all of the
newer routines. Unfortunately, no information is provided as to
the release date of any of the mouse functions...

"COMPUTE!'s Mapping the IBM PC and PCjr". 1985, COMPUTE!
Publications, Inc.
-- An old but indispensable reference. The memory map, port
reference, and low-level support chip information are very good.

"Programmer's Guide to PC & PS/2 Video Systems". 1987, by
Richard Wilton. Microsoft Press.
-- A terrific reference on video from MDA to VGA. The example
program for putting the Hercules adapter into graphics mode is
rather buggy, however.

"Supercharged Bit-Mapped Graphics". 1992, by Steve Rimmer.
Windcrest Books (an imprint of Tab Books, which in turn is a
division of McGraw-Hill, Inc).
-- A quite decent text on various image formats, including .BMP,
.MAC, .PCX, .GIF and others. Source listings in C and assembly

"Power Graphics Programming". 1989, by Michael Abrash. Que
-- Terrific book, well written, a "must have" if you are
interested in programming the EGA and/or VGA at a low level.

"The MS-DOS Encyclopedia". 1988. Microsoft Press.
-- Encyclopedic it is. Every serious assembly programmer should
have a copy. Covers DOS itself, DOS interrupts, communications,
TSRs, and lots of handy articles by the best in the business.
The BIOS is ignored, however. It covers through DOS 3.0 and is
getting a bit dated, but is still a good thing to have.

"The Programmer's PC Sourcebook". 2nd Ed, 1991, by Thom
Hogan. Microsoft Press.
-- An astonishing collection of data and tables. With
comprehensive scope but no depth, this reference can tease by
providing insufficient detail. Still, a priceless work. Get one
immediately, or two if you have a friend.

"Algorithms & Data Structures". 1986, by Niklaus Wirth.
Prentice-Hall, Inc.
-- Terse text with rather ghastly Modula-2 source listings. One
of the few places where sorting and data structures are covered
even moderately well, however. If you need to do sorts or
b-trees, it's a mandatory text.

"Sound Blaster: The Official Book". 1993. McGraw-Hill, Inc.
-- Not as complete as one might like. Most of the book is concerned with
idiot-level end-user stuff. An appendix details the hardware interface in
an ineffectual manner, and the SB software drivers in a manner which is
mostly sufficient for technical folks.

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