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Reprogram your CGA card for 130 colors w/ BASIC source.
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Reprogram your CGA card for 130 colors w/ BASIC source.
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Contents of the 130COLOR.DOC file

The 130 color program is a preliminary version of and unsupported color
capability of standard 640*200 color graphics boards using the Motorola 6845
chip for output to the monitor. These boards have 16 colors in text mode, 4
colors at 320*200, and 2 colors at 640*200. The program works by programming
the chip to produce the unsupported mode. A board that emulates the color
board with another chip probably would not emulate an unsupported mode, and
results with such a board are unpredictible. It has been tested on the standard
16 color IBM, Leading Edge, Eagle, and Sperry boards. An updated version is
expected in July 1986.
To use, load the program into Basica and type run. When the program
completes its drawing the following keys are active.
1. Hit space bar twice to stop and return to Basica
2. Move the dot with the corsor keys.
3. F1 - decrease foreground color by one
4. F2 - increase foreground color by one
5. F3 - decrrase background color by one
6. F4 - increase foreground color by one
7. F5 - set color to black
8. F6 - get the origional color of this spot
9. F7 - pen up command. Don't draw
10. F8 - pen down command. Draw wilth current color
11. F9 - swap colors. Current draw and spot colors are available and this key
toggles between them.
Try the keys. There will be an obvious effect.

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