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Real and complex math libraries for QuickBasic.
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Real and complex math libraries for QuickBasic.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMPFUN2.LIB 22033 8233 deflated
COMPFUN2.QLB 19664 7431 deflated
COMPLIST.TXT 5126 1086 deflated
COMPTOP.TXT 12109 1673 deflated
DEMO.TXT 1727 805 deflated
DEMOATAN.BAS 557 220 deflated
DEMOATAN.EXE 36932 25372 deflated
DEMOJUL.BAS 1316 739 deflated
DEMOJUL.EXE 57630 36720 deflated
DEMONEWT.BAS 1401 791 deflated
DEMONEWT.EXE 57730 36798 deflated
DEMOTRIG.BAS 687 319 deflated
DEMOTRIG.EXE 34234 23347 deflated
JULIA.GIF 17953 17514 deflated
MANUAL.TXT 10573 3692 deflated
NEWTON.GIF 16715 16650 deflated
PASTEL.MAP 3328 1026 deflated
PRINTDOC.BAT 18 18 stored
README.TXT 1742 577 deflated
REALFUN2.LIB 10767 4277 deflated
REALFUN2.QLB 11077 5217 deflated
REALLIST.TXT 2334 581 deflated
REALTOP.TXT 6260 896 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1408 654 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file

RealFun: Real & Complex Math Libraries for QuickBASIC


This package should contain the following files:

REALFUN LIB Stand-alone library of routines for real


REALFUN QLB Quick-library of routines for real numbers

COMPFUN LIB Stand-alone library of routines for complex


COMPFUN QLB Quick-library of routines for complex


REALTOP TXT Topical listing of REALFUN routines

REALLIST TXT Alphabetical listing of contents of REALFUN

COMPTOP TXT Topical listing of goodies in COMPFUN

COMPLIST TXT Alphabetical listing of stuff in COMPFUN

MANUAL TXT How to use these libraries

DEMO TXT Short blurb on the demo programs

DEMONEWT BAS Newton's method demo: source

DEMONEWT EXE Newton's method demo: executable

DEMOJUL BAS Julia set demo: source

DEMOJUL EXE Julia set demo: executable

DEMOATAN BAS Arctangent demo: source

DEMOATAN EXE Arctangent demo: executable

DEMOTRIG BAS Trigonometric functions demo: source

DEMOTRIG EXE Trigonometric functions demo: executable

PASTEL MAP 256 color palette for DEMONEWT and DEMOJUL

NEWTON GIF Output gif from DEMONEWT, 320 x 200 x 256

JULIA GIF Output gif from DEMOJUL, 320 x 200 x 256

REGISTER TXT Registration information

README TXT This file

PRINTDOC BAT Batch file to print documentation

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