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Generates dialog templates from VB forms.
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Generates dialog templates from VB forms.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
COMMDLG.DLL 89248 41122 deflated
FORM1.DLG 420 263 deflated
FORM1.EXE 3176 828 deflated
FORM1.FRM 340 213 deflated
FORM1.MAK 35 35 stored
README.TXT 1529 780 deflated
REGISTER.TXT 1239 471 deflated
TEST.EXE 5280 2495 deflated
TEST.ICO 766 191 deflated
TEST.RC 299 190 deflated
TESTMAKE.BAT 182 79 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VBRC.EXE 17408 9555 deflated
VBRC.HLP 24177 10502 deflated
VBRCDLL.DLL 20896 3314 deflated

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Contents of the README.TXT file



VBRC10.ZIP - Generates Dialog Templates from Visual Basic Forms.


VBRC reads VisBasic FORMs and generates Dialog Templates, which
are (*.dlg) text files ready for RC resource compilation.

VBRC was designed to allow developers a much needed path for
porting VisBasic apps to other languages such as C, C++, PASCAL,

The developer can expect to save nearly all the time required in
porting VisBasic FORM layouts to dialog boxes. This is the scope
of the current release, VBRC 1.0.


vbrc.exeApplication executable.
vbrc.dllApplication DLL.
vbrc.hlpHypertext help file, in Windows help engine format.
commdlg.dllWindows common dialog box DLL for < Win 3.1 users.
register.txtRegistration form.
readme.txtThis file.

TEST.EXE files:

The following is a test program for checking results of FORM
translations. Requires Windows compatible resource compiler, but
is not essential to the operation of VBRC. See VBRC.HLP for build

test.exeTest executable. Displays a dialog box when run.
test.rcUser edits this file to include a VBRC FORM.
test.icoIcon file.
testmake.batRe-builds TEST.EXE based on your new *.dlg file.
form1.dlgSample output from VBRC, gets compiled into TEST.EXE.
form1.makSample VB project. Has one form to practice on.
form1.frmSample VB form.
form1.exeSample VB executable, created from form1.mak.

VBRC (c) Boru Engineering, Inc. 1992

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