Dec 222017
Create registration code - Quick Basic source included.

Full Description of File

QBReg v2.10 - by Quantum Software
Registration Routines for
QuickBASIC 4.5. Converts name
and number into code string.
Contains QLB and LIB versions.
Millions of possibilities.
Ideal for QB4.5 Shareware
authors. Unique 9 char. code!

File QBREG210.ZIP from The Programmer’s Corner in
Category BASIC Language
Create registration code – Quick Basic source included.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
FILES.DOC 1098 342 deflated
FILE_ID.DIZ 251 188 deflated
GENERATE.LIB 2575 1277 deflated
GENERATE.OBJ 1923 1223 deflated
GENERATE.QLB 6590 3944 deflated
HISTORY.DOC 767 280 deflated
QBREG210.DOC 14748 4104 deflated
QUIK-KEY.BAS 2127 1022 deflated
QUIK-KEY.EXE 32098 23419 deflated
REGISTER.FRM 3454 818 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VALIDATE.LIB 3087 1335 deflated
VALIDATE.OBJ 2044 1281 deflated
VALIDATE.QLB 6638 3972 deflated

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Contents of the FILES.DOC file

QBReg v2.10
Included Files

QBReg210.Doc DOCument file
Generate.Qlb QuickLiBrary file for Run-Time Generate
Validate.QLB QuickLiBrary file for Run-Time Validate
Generate.Lib QuickLiBrary file for Compilation Generate
Validate.Lib QuickLiBrary file for Compilation Validate
Generate.Obj OBJect file for other languages Generate
Validate.Obj OBJect file for other languages Validate
History.Doc History file of QBReg
Register.Frm Registration Document for QBReg
Files.Doc This file here
Site_App.QS Distribution Site Application
DistSite.Qs Distribution Site Listing
File_Id.Diz BBS File Identificate File
Quik-Key.Exe QuikKey EXEcutable file
Quik-Key.Bas QuikKey BASic file

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