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Outstanding Door skeleton in QB.
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Outstanding Door skeleton in QB.
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Contents of the README file

Enclosed is the skeleton code to open doors, monitor,etc. under a variety
of BBS types. To test your code, you'll need to create a "dummy" DOOR.DEF
file ... described inside the code.

to aid developers who might not have a BBS system handy (or are writing
on another computer) ... a CALLINFO.BBS "mock" file is provided, so you
can appear to your door as a local Wildcat! Sysop ... thus test the door.
Also included is a mock RBBS MESSAGES file that can be used as well.
Both allow a SYSOP to test the new door off-line.

Also included is a batch file to compile your code, assuming that the
BASIC filename is TESTDOOR and that all of your QB3 files are in the
subdir C:\basics. This skeleton has also been used with QB4.0.

Also assummed AND REQUIRED is that you've patched your QB for the
infamous DTR problem.

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