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Indents Quickbasic programs that are saved in ASCII text format.
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Indents Quickbasic programs that are saved in ASCII text format.
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Contents of the QDENT.DOC file

The Quick Basic Auto Indenter
by Dave Bower & Jeff Potter
CIS - 70635,330

Proper indenting makes Quick Basic code much easier to follow, and
proof. But maintaining proper indenting while programming is a real
problem for some people.

The Auto Indenter will take a Quick Basic program (ASCII text) and
remove improper indents and add proper ones.

It is able to handle multi-line and single line IF and DEF statements.
In other words it will indent the BLOCK IF-THEN-ELSE but not the single
line version. And the same goes for the BLOCK DEF statement. Otherwise
your code would gradually creep off the right side of the page.

It also handles the SELECT CASE statement the way the Microsoft manuals
illustrate it. It indents double after SELECT CASE but outdents one
unit for the case statements.

CASE "one"
CASE "two"

We mention these two examples because they are the reason we wrote our
own indenting program. We couldn't find a program that handled
everything, including these two cases.

Hopefully we covered everything, even the ones we don't normally use.
If we missed something please let us know. If you would like something
different, or a modification, or found a bug, please let us know. We
wouldn't give it to others if we didn't expect it to be useful for them
and if it's not, then we wasted the extra effort to make it presentable.

In fact:

IF YOU WILL send us a suggestion, bug, or modification request WE WILL
try to accommodate your request and put the new version on line. Hey,
if it doesn't work for you, what good is it?

And IF YOU FEEL the program works for you and wish to reward the
programmers then send $5.00. While five dollars is not a lot to split
two ways, we feel it is fair and kindly request that you not send any
more then five dollars, per program.

In return for your contribution we will send you a disk with the program
listing, and the latest version and our sincere thanks. (Please specify
3 1/2" or 5 1/4")

While we have tried to insure that this program works as advertised we
assume no responsibility for it's subsequent use.

CompuServe - Dave Bower, 70635,330

Contributions - Dave Bower
1310 Wellfleet Court
Virginia Beach, VA 23464

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