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5 new controls for Visual Basic.
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5 new controls for Visual Basic.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
BLUN21.ZIP 24348 24144 deflated
CLAK21.ZIP 24023 23872 deflated
NUMW21.ZIP 18618 18467 deflated
READ_1ST.TXT 2381 1146 deflated
SHAD21.ZIP 20021 19810 deflated
SNDX21.ZIP 18850 18687 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated

Download File 5PAK20.ZIP Here

Contents of the READ_1ST.TXT file

This archive contains five custom controls.

BLUN20.ZIP BALLOON.VBX balloon help custom control
CLAK20.ZIP CLACKER.VBX dynamic menu help custom control
NUMW20.ZIP NUMWIN.VBX enumerate desktop windows custom control
SHAD20.ZIP SHADBX.VBX popup window custom control
SNDX20.ZIP SNDDEX.VBX Soundex search word matching custom control.

Each individual ZIP file conatins additional information about each control.
The most current help files and demo/sample for each control is in this file.

Place each control in a separate directory before decompressing.


You can register these Controls by either:

1. On-Line registration with Compuserve, type GO SWREG and register
product number 1220. The fee is $35.00 for registered versions
of all FIVE CONTROLS. The registered versions will be sent by
return E-Mail.

2. Sending $35 (plus tax) with your name and address to the address below.

3. VISA and MC are accepted. We accept phone orders and E-Mail orders.

Please provide us with an E-Mail address where the controls can be sent,
alternatively add $3.50 for shipping and a disk will be mailed to you.
Overseas shipping varies with destination.

Registering the control will get the registered runtime and a design time
SPECIAL DEBUGGING VERSION OF THE CONTROL useful in helping you verify the
operation of your application when using the control. Special debugging
checks are made on various parameters and at critical locations in debugging
control to provide you with feedback on proper control and program menu operation.


If you have any comments or questions, please send them to us. We can be
reached at

Weimar Software,
18515 Annie Lane
San Jose, CA 95120-1006
408-268-6638, FAX 408-268-7655.

Or E-Mail at CIS 71220,2755 and Internet [email protected].

This file may be only distributed in its entirety. This file may not be
included in CD-ROM distributions, bundled with other files, or offered
for retail sale without contacting Weimar Software and getting a license
to re-distribute 3PAK20.ZIP, 2PAK20.ZIP.

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