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Display memory available/in use. QB Source included.
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Display memory available/in use. QB Source included.
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Contents of the FREE71.DOC file

Free71.Doc 02-16-91 T.E. McCormick. Version 7.1.

Free71.Bas Very fast multi-drive free space and media type utility.
Microsoft PDS 7.1 BASIC source file using InterruptX and
Crescent Software's QuickPAK Library to gather data quickly.
The program may be used for personal or business purposes.

Rename the .exe file to Free.exe.

Example use:

Enter: Free cdefg or
Free c d e f g or
Free g: f: e: d: c: or
Free d:e:f: or
Free for just the default drive.

Example: Free abcdefghi

5 HD Diskette Drive A: has 343,552 bytes free ( 28 %)
5 SD Diskette Drive B: has 322,560 bytes free ( 88 %)
Fixed Drive C: has 11,112,448 bytes free ( 33 %)
Fixed Drive D: has 2,306,048 bytes free ( 6 %)
Fixed Drive E: has 540,672 bytes free ( 12 %)
Fixed Drive F: has 5,423,104 bytes free ( 16 %)
Fixed Drive G: has 1,843,200 bytes free ( 20 %)
3 DD Diskette Drive H: has 364,512 bytes free ( 50 %)
3 HD Diskette Drive I: has 1,063,936 bytes free ( 72 %)
????? Diskette Drive Z: has 0 bytes free ( 0 %)

The displayed data can be redirected to a disk file.
For example: Free abcdefghi >C:\SAVE\FREENOW.DOC


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