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Library for PowerBASIC 3.x. Includes all source code. Text window routines, data entry routines, drop down, vertical and horizontal menus.
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Library for PowerBASIC 3.x. Includes all source code. Text window routines, data entry routines, drop down, vertical and horizontal menus.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
ASK.BAS 5916 1705 deflated
BROWSE.BAS 5272 1367 deflated
BYTE.BAS 548 224 deflated
DBLBOX.BAS 3733 1000 deflated
DIALOG.BAS 2951 946 deflated
DIRBOX.BAS 30619 4273 deflated
DNA.DOC 4903 2366 deflated
DNADEMO.BAS 13229 3588 deflated
DNADEMO.EXE 89335 41237 deflated
DNALIB.INC 3007 920 deflated
EDITBOX.BAS 3104 858 deflated
HEADERS.BAS 3040 195 deflated
HELP.BAT 427 133 deflated
HORZMENU.BAS 10120 2803 deflated
KEYTEST.BAS 7867 2207 deflated
LINEEDIT.BAS 4032 1055 deflated
LOCKS.BAS 584 288 deflated
MENU.BAS 4091 1447 deflated
MENU.EXE 89933 44002 deflated
MENU.INC 2253 714 deflated
MOUSE.BAS 4973 881 deflated
MOVEWIN.BAS 4230 1146 deflated
NOISE.BAS 822 279 deflated
POPWIND.BAS 4072 1199 deflated
SAVEAS.BAS 20462 3376 deflated
SAVEREST.BAS 1369 564 deflated
SCROLBOX.BAS 14788 2976 deflated
SCROLL.BAS 867 362 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
TYPWRITE.BAS 348 235 deflated
VERTMENU.BAS 6550 1934 deflated
YESNO.BAS 3632 1080 deflated

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Contents of the DNA.DOC file

DNALIB Version 2.1
CopyRight 1993 by FREEBEE Software

DNALIB is totally free of charge for you to
use or abuse, as you see fit. You have the
source code, so look it over before you run
it !!!!! If your Computer Dies, or your Dog
or Cat gets pregnant and your spouse leaves
you "It's your fault and NOT MINE".

I would like to start a register of users,
so that I will know that all this work is
not invain, so if you like or find DNALIB
useful send me a postcard or a fax, at the
address on the opening screen, DONT SEND
MONEY !!!! if you think DNALIB has some
value then make a donation to your favorite

NEW !!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lots of changes (well some changes 😉 and
some new routines that I have written for
the PBWRITE project, I hope to have the
PBWRITE project finished by XMAS so keep

1) EDITBOX is a combination of several
routines, and if you run MENU.EXE you will
see it in action.
2) DBLBOX is as above but with two Line
Edits. see the demo it says it all 🙂
3) DIRBOX is a routine to display files
and directories and a line edit to edit
path or file display. complete with mouse
support, scroll bars, etc. Take a look
you will see what I mean.
4) SAVEAS is a routine for returning a
selectable path and file name. Take a look.
5) LOCKS will display a NUM & CAPS on a
line and column of your choice.
6) YESNO just what it says answer yes or
no see demo.

LINEEDIT has been changed !!! it now has
an exit with the mouse and a fall through
by setting Editkey% to 255, if the exit
was with the mouse then Editkey will have
a value of -255 and the row and column
values of the position the mouse was clicked
will be in MouseRow% and MouseCol%.

I have changed the FGround, BGround variables
to Attributes, so you have to pass a pair of
colors now (I did this because there is a
limit of 16 parameters that you can pass to a

NEW Full Mouse support, all you have to do is
add one line to your main program
ie. IF MouseThere% THEN Mouse% = 1 (or %TRUE)
there are a couple of other routines which
are not in the demo but you have the source.

MakeByte will make an Attribute for you from
FGround and BGround.
ie MakeByte Attribute%,15(BriteWhite),1(Blue)
Attribute% = 31
CalcByte will perform the reverse of MakeByte
CalcByte 31,FGround%,BGround%
FGround% = 15 BGround% = 1
you could also use these routines when you call
an intrupt that returns a Hi,Low Byte.
CheckBits is very simple but useful if you want
to check more than one bit etc.

ScreenPlus will return a word that is closest
to the Row%,Col% you pass it (maybe the start
of a spell checker)

If you have DNALIB30.* then there was a bug in
the ScrolBox search routine, but only if the
mouse was on the window, I have made the mouse
routines in ScrolBox a bit faster. And added the
cancel window box [], if you are using Titles
to the windows, the routines check to see if the
box will fit on the top leftside of the window,
if there is no space for it, it will be placed
on the bottom leftside of the window. Also if
there is no mouse the boxes and scroll bars are
not displayed.

If you are reading this from the NEW menu
choice and have not run HELP.BAT exit and do
it now, doing so will give you a much better
feel for the "NEW" Ta Dah Help system. All
"HELP.BAT" does is copy this file to all the
different menu Names, This is just a way of
keeping the size of the distribution ZIP. to
a minimum.

NEW in this release the HELP system, the
centre of which is a modified form of BROWSE
.BAS from the GAP Library and included with
the kind permission of Eric Olson (the orig-
inal author). By pressing F1 from any menu
choice the menu system removes any spaces or
"@" (hot key marker) and builds a file name
from the first eight characters or less, ie
"Save As" would become "SAVEAS.HLP".
It then calls BROWSE and BROWSE checks to
see if the file is in the current directory,
if the file is there BROWSE saves a portion
of the screen, and pops a window on screen
and displays the file. Not Hypertext but
context sensitive.

NEW in this release SCROLBOX has been greatly
enhanced, you can use the space bar to TAG
and UNTAG files or anything else you display
with SCROLBOX. It also contains a SEARCH on
the first letter of any displayed choices, it
will search forward from the scroll bar and
find the next match, if there is no match it
will go to the beginning and search towards
the scroll bar, there is also a side bar to
show how far through the choices you are.

NEW in this release TYPWRITE and NOISE,
TYPWRITE will simulate a typewriter in sound
and speed and may be useful for a NAG screen
or a presentation demo etc. NOISE is a
collection of clicks, chirps, phasers, etc

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