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Product installation program for Visual Basic programmer's.
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Product installation program for Visual Basic programmer’s.
File Name File Size Zip Size Zip Type
INSTALL.INF 1287 528 deflated
TPCREAD.ME 199 165 deflated
VBINST.BAS 2428 917 deflated
VBINST.DLL 1792 750 deflated
VBINST.EXE 19602 8363 deflated
VBINST.FRM 11943 5533 deflated
VBINST.GBL 1954 721 deflated
VBINST.MAK 132 90 deflated
VBINST.PAS 429 240 deflated
VBINST.TXT 3486 1589 deflated
VBINST.WRI 4480 1974 deflated
VBINST13.ICO 766 289 deflated
VBWAIT.FRM 588 362 deflated
VBWARN.FRM 2868 1372 deflated

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Contents of the VBINST.TXT file


This installation program is copletely free to use for everyone who
needs an intallation program for their products. You may edit it as you
find it useful. I have commented the source code the best I could. There
is also some Windows API calls you may find useful to use in your

If you find it useful please send me a comments via CompuServe, etc.
suggestion, enhancement you may have done to it and that's all it's
going to cost you. But you MAY NOT use it (in any condition) as
commercial product by its own! You may distribute it with your own
program as installation program as long as you get paid because of your
own program not by VBINST program.

This program requires VBRUN100.DLL found in MS-BASIC forum and
small DLL called vbinst.dll which comes along the VBINST (see later
more about VBINST.DLL). The main key to use this program is ASCII
file named install.inf, which has all the information to install your
products (see the comments found in install.inf).

I'm not responsible any problems occuring while use of this program but
I have tested it pretty well and it has seemed to work fine. It detects
most faults given by user, so it should not crash easily or do any harm to
your system.

For now it only supports 1 (one) source disk because it is mainly for
Visual Basic programs you may develop and those programs should
easily fit in 1 (one) disk. Later on I may add support for more than 1 disk
as well as data compression feature.
If you have questions about the product, please feel free to contact me
via CompuServe or hit me with a letter!

I wrote this little utility (only 1792 Bytes) to check the free diskspace so
that it will be used by VBINST to ensure there's enough free diskspace
to install program. I wrote it with Turbo Pascal for Windows and the
source code (VBINST.PAS) comes with this program. If you want, you
can edit the source code freely by your needs. It now support two
functions not found directly in Visual Basic:

Declare Function DFree Lib "vbinst.dll" (ByVal Disk As Integer) As Long
Declare Function DSize Lib "vbinst.dll" (ByVal Disk As Integer) As Long

DFree is function that returns disk freespace
DSize is function that returns disksize (not used in VBINST)
For more information to use DFree see VBINST.GBL and VBINST.FRM
source code.
After you have determined diskspace your program need, you only need
to assign the amount in KiloBytes to INSTALL.INF etc:
See install.inf for further details.

Enhancements since VBINST v.1.00

VBINST v.1.20
Support more than 1 program or file to be added Program Manager
group using DDE conversation insted of SendKeys.

VBINST v.1.30
Now able to check free diskspace needed for program to be istalled,
Warns if there is not free diskspace needed. Better error checking for
usergiven directories. Interactive warning if file already exist in
destination. Display wait window when loading, especially useful in slow
computers, so user is aware of that something is really happening. DDE
conversation now works correctly, which earlier caused some trouble if
the Program Manager group already existed.

Name and Address:
Jari Kallonen
Sallinkatu 2 B 48
00250 Helsinki

CompuServe ID:

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