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Converts 320x200x16 Deluxe Paint II image files into BASIC BSAVE format (screen mode 7, page 7).
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Converts 320x200x16 Deluxe Paint II image files into BASIC BSAVE format (screen mode 7, page 7).
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Contents of the LBM.DOC file

********************************************************************************Files included in this package: LBM.BAS, LBM.DOC, LBM.EXE, LBM.OBJ 03/19/92
This program, written in Microsoft QuickBASIC 4.5, was designed with

game programmers in mind. Specifically, it allows Deluxe Paint II image

files (.LBM) to be converted into BASIC's BSAVE format. The Deluxe Paint II

image file must be saved in EGA 320x200x16 screen mode, otherwise this

program will be useless for all practical purposes. The routines used in

this program to BSAVE and BLOAD an image may be used in your programs.

These routines currently BSAVE and BLOAD page 7 of screen mode 7 (EGA

320x200x16), but may be altered for your own use. DO NOT, however, alter

in any way the files included in this package. All files included in this

package must be kept together and unaltered in any form whatsoever. This

package may be distributed freely to the public, and I encourage you to

do so.

The syntax for executing LBM.EXE is: LBM . There are no

parameters, although upon execution the program will prompt you for the

name of the Deluxe Paint II image file, then the name of the BSAVE output

file. DO NOT specify an extension to either the input or output files.

The extension .LBM is assumed for the input file, and the extentions of

the output files are fixed (.BP0, .BP1, .BP2, and .BP3).

Good luck with the program, I hope it can serve you well.

Kevin Fishburne

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